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Teachers' Union Values Awakening over Seniority — At the expense of Whites (and Kids, of course)

minneapolis public schools
Minneapolis Public School Districts and Local Unions May Fire Senior White Teachers Before Hiring Blacks I agree with you. Getty Images via Anadolu Agency

The teachers' union has long put the interests of its members above the interests of its children, but the Minneapolis The teachers' union of just some members is even more important, but it still costs the child.

The Minneapolis Public School District and Community Union agreedthat "educators of color" would be exempt from seniority rules. So long-serving whites can get an ax before hiring blacks.

This is intended to "remediate the continuing effects of past discrimination" and to increase diversity in the faculty and staff. Even if it's outright racism.

This "last in, first out" rule has long harmed children. Schools were forced to send good young teachers to protect older teachers. Fair discrimination between members.

But instead of fixing that system, Minneapolis decides based on skin color. This is illegal under civil rights law and state and federal constitutions.

The only ray of hope here: When the courts crush this madness, at least a precedent is set. At least one union can no longer pretend that “last in, first out” has nothing to do with justice.