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Aaron Judge's dream Yankees season is getting better and better

All Yankees star Aaron Judges hit yet another walk-off hit, the despised Astros, with his incredible start. Breaking his unrealistic week with a defeated home runsplitting a tight and tense four-game series, keeping pace to break Roger Maris' home run record, keeping the Yankees pace and recording Achieve a total of seasonal wins. 

Judges do not do all this with one hand, and only in such cases seems to be the case. 

"I've never seen anything like that," said teammate Matt Carpenter. "He's a special player I've ever seen, for or against. He has a chance to influence the game every night, every turn at bat, in every way." 

To summarize Judge's latest hero: 

On Thursday, when the Yankees opened a series against the hated Astros, he capped a late comeback. I arranged the walk-off singles in. 15} Again, the biggest hurdle to the World Series 

Friday,Just as the arbitral tribunal begins, he has agreed to a deal for this season.I was impressed with his boss by making a compromise that worked for both sides, and by doing so certainly making a big bet on himself. (We'll see how important that will be later.) 

Beyond the $ 19 million compromise, he earned $ 250,000 in incentives to earn MVP. Did (actually win, not finish second or third). An additional $ 250,000 to earn a World Series MVP. He was an early favorite for winning the season MVP, which is true every day. But even if he participates in the World Series (there is no guarantee), there are 52 players from the beginning. 

Aaron Judge crushes a walk-off three-run home run in the tenth inning.
NY Post Robert Sabo

Then Sunday, the crowd in front of the wonderful Yankee Stadium In, the judges delivered cappers to save the weekend, 6-3, 10 against another great team (the hated Astros, or Asterisk, as fans here might tell you). I won the inning. And for a while, the Astros gave them a fit. 16¹ / ₃ During the innings, a collection of five Astros pitchers kept the Yankees hitless. This was the longest winning streak in 61 years. 

Until Judge's fellow twin tower Giancarlo Stanton hits a home run against Astros starter Jose Urkidi and makes one in seven appearances. The Yankees were an impossible threat. Trivia Quiz Answers: What was the first team that didn't hit in a series of games? 

Instead, the judge made three walk-off hits a year, which seems destined to be recalled only if positive. With two ons and two outs, he lined up no doubt shots on a slightly exposed Astros bullpen this weekend. 

Characteristically, the judge trusted his teammates because of his mysterious self-confidence. 

"I'm not afraid to walk to the plate," the judge said. "It's fun every night." 

Aaron Judge reacts after his walk-off homer.
NYPOS Corey Sipkin

Humility aside , The special season he is making this. His latest home run put him back in the pace, breaking Roger Maris' team record of 61, putting the Yankees back in the pace and breaking the 2001 Seattle Mariners regular season record of 116 wins. I did. Newly expected total: 62 home runs and 117 wins. 

At the same time, the Yankees also killed the story that the Astros have their numbers, at least for now. 

"We don't sweat anyone," said manager Aaron Boone. "We have a great team and we know it." 

Gerrit Cole, left, celebrates with Aaron Judge.
NY POST Corey Sipkin

So far, the judge has done so if this season seems like a celebration. At the same time, he made it impossible for fans to imagine the Yankees team without him. Of course, the boss's praise for his boss's proposal for a compromise at the forefront of the hearing does not guarantee that they will meet his demands. This suddenly seems very reasonable. 

As I said before, they have no choice but to pay him what the best fielders in the game make. $ 36 million Mike Trout takes home. And don't forget that it's also what they pay for the best pitcher, Gerrit Cole. The first big bet on himself should be monetized. It seems obvious now. 

They also need to give him a captain. Derek Jeter seemed to be the last Yankees captain, but the judges won the honor. I think his boss probably knows that. 

The Yankees need to do whatever they can to keep him pinstripes. His career numbers probably made him vulnerable (assuming the arbitrator ignored this year's hero), but this team, these fans and his boss are certainly familiar. Here he will be the top five MVP player for the third time in six years. 

Some people think he's unlikely to leave, especially according to his compromise agreement, but "it's a too perfect scenario. He won't go anywhere." , One of the longtime observers of baseball commented. There is no guarantee for this game. 

You shouldn't cry in baseball, but everyone saw Freddie Freeman crying as a surprised Dodgers on his way back to Atlanta this weekend. I always thought he was a brave man. We did that too. 

The same is true for judges. Fans love him and he seems to love it here. He clearly loves parks, towns, and his teammates. For now, everything looks perfect.