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Abortion also affects people trying to get pregnant

(CNN)Sharon McRae and her husband wanted everything to be parents, but there I had to finish the embryo by the time I got there. ..

A couple in Colombia, Maryland, was excited when they got pregnant soon, but had a mischief in about nine and a half weeks. It was devastating, but the doctor said it would happen. They tried again.

Before the fertility specialist finds the right combination of treatments for her, she has three more consecutive abortions and needs a procedure called dilation and curette to remove the tissue. was. Includes invitro fertilization.

McRae and her doctor wanted to increase the chances of having a child on their fifth pregnancy. She said they fertilized multiple eggs, picked the four most likely to reach maturity, and transplanted them in the hope that at least one fetus would grow well.

All of them took.

Four high-risk pregnancy experts told McRae that she and all four fetuses had no way to survive the pregnancy. They had to selectively discontinue the two fetuses in order to maintain the chances of her and the other two surviving. After all that time and sorrow, ending the two fetuses was one of the most difficult things she had ever had to experience, but she went through her steps. ..

Twenty-three years ago she gave birth to her twin daughters. Three years later, her first in vitro process helped her get pregnant with her son. She said she would do it again to get them.

"If these laws were (and still) in force, I wouldn't be a mother or die if I were unprotected," McRae said. rice field. "I was probably prevented from having a D&C, probably punished for having a miscarriage."

McRae saidUS Supreme Court She was devastated when she learned that her decision had overturned Law vs. Wade.She said she was worried that her daughter might not have a chance to become a mother. An essential abortion was for McRae to maintain her pregnancy and survive.

McRae isn't the only one involved. Dr. John Chan, founder and medical director of the New Hope Fertilization Center in New York City, said that embryo termination is still often part of the treatment of abortion, ectopic pregnancy and IVF, all of which are fairly common. Said that it was a target.

A 2015 study found that 1% to 2% of all pregnancies were ectopicApproximately 2% of US babies were IVF-supported I was born in response to. Head of Policy and Development for the American Society of Reproductive Medicine. According to the May York Clinic,10% to 20% of known pregnancies end in a abortion.

The Supreme Court's decision puts half-hearted legality into the hands of the state, for both those who are trying to avoid having children and those who are striving for it. It will change the way people deal with fertility. It will really change the way doctors practice medicine forever, with problems, "Zhang said.

Treatment of ectopic pregnancy

Phoenix's Lucretia Torva once saved her life until a US Supreme Court decision overturned Law Did not realize that could be woven into the discussion about abortion.

She went to see a doctor because of pain, and she was not only pregnant with her, but at risk of her bleeding and because of her surgery that night I learned that I needed to go to the emergency room.

Torva's pregnancy was ectopic. That is, the embryo was transplanted outside the main cavity of the uterus. According to the May York Clinic, fertilized eggs cannot tolerate ectopic pregnancy and can cause life-threatening bleeding.

Discontinuing embryos is often the best treatment for ectopic pregnancy, Zhang said.

Roe v. With the end of Wade's abortion protection, many are concerned about access to such treatments, abortion treatment, and in vitro fertilization, Tipton said.

If a pregnant person has a mischief, as in the case of Sharon McRae, the doctor may remove the tissue via D&C. In such cases, this procedure helps prevent infection, as well as after a abortion. Excessive bleeding, according to the May York Clinic.

"There are a lot of concerns that things will be over-read to deal with follow-ups from misunderstandings," Tipton said.

Fertilize more eggs than necessary

For those who are struggling to get pregnant, embryo termination is a common part of in vitro fertilization. Zhang said, often a number game to patients.

Pregnant parents often have limited time and money to go through the process, so to ensure the highest success rate, doctors are most likely to grow. Zhang said to a full-term pregnancy, expecting to transplant more eggs than necessary. The rest will be saved or destroyed for future use.

The process can be more complicated, Zhang said, depending on how the state defines the legal status of fertilized embryos.

Eating the doctor-patient relationship

This is by Dr. Mary Jacobson, OB-GYN based in Palo Alto, California and Chief Medical Advisor of Alpha Medical. Call the relationship "sanctuary" between the doctor and the patient.

Ideally, it's a collaborative and personal experience that helps find the best care for those who seek it, but it imposes limits on the decisions a pair can make together. That could undermine that relationship, she said.

Torva says she can't imagine what happened to her if a doctor had to wait for approval or hesitated to ask legal questions before treating an ectopic pregnancy. She said.

Doctors want to provide the best care to their patients, and if new doctors are trained to ban abortion, they are trained or comfortable to perform the following steps: Zhang said even the best remedy for conditions or life-saving means that may not have the level of.

She said, "Instead of just thinking," what can I do to save my life? " They are wondering if I can do it, "she said.

Exacerbate the bad situation

Currently trying to build a family when abortion, ectopic pregnancy, and fertility issues are involved It is difficult enough to experience the process of doing.

Psychologically speaking, the effects of coping with infertility follow immediately after the cancer experience, Tipton and Chan said.

Families often withdraw from social circles, withholding career development, and that experience can have long-term implications for couple relationships, Zhang said.

"The ambiguity of legality, and perhaps the reality that the treatment they need isn't available-it only exacerbates the already bad situation," Tipton said.

If a pregnant person finds that pregnancy is not feasible, the half-hearted procedure comes from carrying a fetus that will never be the child they planned to be. It helps to relieve some, Jacobson said.

McRae said she knew defeat, emptiness, and sadness. One of her D&C did not occur immediately and had to wait overnight for the tissue to be removed.

"I just wanted it to end. I knew it was over, but I needed my body to feel it was over." She said. "It was just devastating."

There is some hopeful news for families trying to get pregnant. The details of the impact of the Abortion Act on Abortion have not yet been determined, and IVF procedures have not yet been banned in almost all states.

"It's a real danger, but it's not something people need to panic today," he added.