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Abortion-related corporate profits are deepening the Republican rift with the US

(CNN)US Supreme CourtTo give employees access to reproductive services after the end of the federal abortion Promotion rights by major US companiesrank prominent Republicans and may increase dissatisfaction with US companies in theGOP

High CourtRoev. In the days following the overthrow of Wade, conservatives beatcompanies that promised to expand their existing medical benefitsto cover their employees' travel expenses, legally in their state. Those who may not be able to get an abortion. A swift response among local, state and federal legislators aimed at business executives paying for abortion treatment, calling for stronger parental leave policies instead of abortion-related benefits. It even extended to legislation.
Dissatisfaction began before the ruling after thedraft opinion in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health case was leaked in May. More than 12 Republicans in Texas Parliament tell rider Lyft to submit a bill during the next session of the state for companies operating in Lone Star but continuing to provide abortion-related benefits. I swore in a letter to you. The letter, read by CNN, did not mention companies such as Tesla, which celebrated the move of headquarters from Silicon Valley to Austin last year. Tesla recently announced plans to cover the travel expenses of employees seeking an abortion, as Texas law prohibits abortion after six weeks of pregnancy.

Other major US companies that have expanded similar profits (after leaked draft opinion or shortly after last week's Supreme Court decision) include Starbucks, Target, Airbnb, Yelp, Amazon. Warner Brothers Discovery, the parent company of CNN, includes Meta, Netflix, and Disney.

"After Dobbs, the alliance between Republican social conservatives and neoliberals is over. Cave exploration to the far left and all abortion-related costs for their employees. It's nothing more than a giant company offering to cover. "Republican Senator Josh Holy of Missouri said in a statement to the CNN.

" Republicans are big companies. We should focus on kinship policies to support mothers and their children, not on social welfare of the ultra-rich and the super-rich, "added the Senator.

The benefits of travel related to abortion quickly caught the attention of Republican critics of companies working on political issues. They see it as another hostile move against social conservatism by conference rooms across the United States. It says it is part of a greater tendency for companies to become more obedient to progressive causes and political activity. And after years of promoting corporate tax cuts and subsidies that have benefited large corporations and continued to drain industry funds into the GOP, voices like Harley have been heard throughout the party, especially the leadership and president. Is growing among the Republicans with the ambitions of.

Jessica Anderson, executive director of the Heritage Action for America, a conservative Heritage Foundation advocacy division, said Florida Governor Rondesantis disbanded Disney's special sovereignty in April.-Movement critics have pointed out that the company's candidness against theRepublican law, which limits public school lessons on sexual orientation or gender identity for students from kindergarten to third grade. It states that it is a retaliation for the opposition.

"I think it's more commonplace," Anderson said.

DeSantis chose to run in 2024, and if the fight with Disney helped establish a hero position in the party's activist base, the Republican presidential nominationWidely regarded as a top candidate. Last month'sUniversity of New Hampshire pollfound him leading the field of Republican presidential candidates for 2024.

"I think conservative voters understand the actions these companies are taking, which is another thing that adds to their frustration," Anderson said.

She said, "If the November elections go according to our expectations, we have a big mission to take seriously the elected civil servants to awaken these companies seriously. Probably. "

'Serious consequences'

If the Republicans gain control of Congress and more governors' mansions, conservative hardliners will quietly enter the enterprise. It has laid the foundation for legislative attacks on the United States. autumn. Some of the ideas that come to mind are packages aimed at raising environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals in business, and privileges such as antitrust exemptions and copyright protection that large companies have long enjoyed. There is a package to remove.

"Companies will have serious consequences if the left-most mob becomes a means to take over our country from outside the constitutional order," said Senate minority leaderMitch McConnell. Passing new voting restrictions in some states, which Cornellstated as an effort in April 2021, has garnered criticism from major companies.

As these debates continue against the backdrop of Dobbs, companies offering abortion-related benefits are as conservative as high-tech companies that have accused the Republicans of rampant politically correct censorship. He said he was starting to call hatred in the circle.

At the heart of these discussions is Anderson's group, Heritage Action for America. The Claremont Institute's right-wing intellectuals have become a kind of brain trust for efforts to counter what is called the "awakened capital." Among them, Republicans such as Harley, Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas, Marco Rubio of Florida, and Jim Banks of Indiana. In May, Rubio announced a bill targeting "radical corporate activities" that would prevent businesses from deducting expenses related to "employee abortion travel expenses."

"Our tax law is a relative and should promote a culture of life," he said in a press release at the time.

Also, after spending years gaining support from the Republican Party, it expands its appeal, including supporting Democratic candidates. The newly established U.S. Free Enterprise Council, which was launched in May, has criticized the U.S. Congressfor supporting "big government and" awakened "policies" by its founder. And conservative dark money groups are included. Consumers' Research, which launched TV advertising in recent months, has targeted companies such as American Airlines and Nike on issues such as relations with China and taxpayer-funded bailouts.

"These conversations are happening and I think there's a menu of options put together by conservatives. We really encourage action and help elected officials who want to do the right thing," Anderson said. Added. The "quiet period of planning and preparation" is now happening in many states where the legislative session of the year has already ended.

Chairing a conservative Republican research committee to end the favorable copyright protection of companies that are particularly "awakening" among other policies targeting large corporations and big tech. The bank that came to mind was the related costs of employees who blamed the promotion by companies covering abortion. To the conservative response of other Republicans, he seemed to argue that such profits were aimed at helping the company profit through employee retention.

"This is not about" women's choice ". Abortion is cheaper than paid parental leave and allows businesses to retain employees. These companies tell women that children are of negative value. Americans will never forget it, "the bank said.

"If your worldview says it's bad for a woman to be a mother, but she's free to work 90 hours a week in abortion, you're I've had it before. "Republican Senator Ohio J. D. VanceTweets
Companies that have vowed to bear abortion-related costs offer paid parental leave, but not as generous as some Republicans want. maybe. For example, Yelp offers "14 weeks of paid childbirth and baby bond leave" to "parents who gave birth," and "parents who haven't given birth have up to 8 weeks of paid baby bond," according to the website. We offer "vacation". Targets are reported this month to begin covering employee trips to states where abortion is legal, withcurrently the largest for "new mothers" who are part-time and full-time hourly employees. We offer 12 weeks ofpaid leave.

Republican-based victory issue

The conservative-corporate US confrontation was first unveiled last spring with Coca-Cola. Delta Airlineshas publicly condemned the GOP-backed voting law, which states that civil rights groups will deprive minority voters of their rights, and has since been the focus of the Republican Party. -DeSantis, Hawley, etc.-They are widely believed to be aiming for a White House bid in 2024 and see Push as the party's grassroots-founded winner.
Also, the camp has former Vice President Mike Pence. Mike Pence has madean outspoken critic of ESGas he considers the president's bid over the next two years. Pence, an ally of the voice of the anti-abortion movement and saying that the termination of the right to abortion "corrected historical mistakes," said company executives should refrain from betting their position on the issue of abortion. I told CNN in a statement.

"The CEO of a company pays attention to the traditional role of the company, that is, to create value for shareholders, rather than using the profits of the company to support the abortion industry. Is wise, "Pence said.

Still, conservative efforts to challenge the political activities recognized by companies, including those that have expanded their new profits following the Supreme Court's decision on abortion, are still at sea. Has not reached the level of change. Republicans have probably been more focused for the time being to take advantage of the High Court's decision to enact new abortion restrictions at the state and federal levels rather than punishing businesses. South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, another candidate for the 2024 Republican Party, said Kristi Noem, who had workers in the state at CBS's Face the Nation on Sunday. He said he would not target companies that promised to cover abortion-related travel expenses. (The Supreme Court ruling came into force shortly after banning clinical and medicinal abortions in South Dakotathe so-called trigger law

Asked if she would chase after such a company operating in her state, Nome told CBS host Margaret Brennan: May cause damage in future GOP presidential primaries.

"We hope that more Republican governors, regardless of whether these companies are in the state, will take steps to raise concerns about the company's changes, Anderson said. "They are very political because they are standing," he said. "There are still many Republicans who need to say something."