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Abortion Judgment: Democrats say "follow science" for everything but Law, says Mark Levin

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Mark Levine called on liberals who were furious at the Supreme Court's decision on Roe v. Wade on Friday to retain abortion restrictions in the state government.

For "Life, Liberty & Levin", Levinperused the founding document and could not find any mention of abortion or obstetric retirement rights, timeline. Said showed. An example of evolution in both technology and law that describes Roe as a flawed decision and an opposition to "science." 

"The Roe v. Wade case reversed almost 200 years of American law— the Constitution has no words about abortion. No words about abortion. Abortion. "

Next, Levin said that the judge who ruled the majority to hand over Roe in 1973 went wrong or worse.

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Protesters hold a sign protesting Roe vs. Wade being overturned in New York City.

Protesters have signs protesting the overturning of the Roe v. Wade case in New York City. .. (Peter Gerber / Fox News Digital)

He called Judge Harry Blackmun, the appointed Nixon. A member of the court for the last 100 years.

Blackman helped legally characterize abortion as a privacy issue, he said. Levin reiterated that abortion is reserved as a state power under the 10th Amendment because it is not explicitly protected by the Constitution.

He quoted the second most famous abortion case, "Casey" in 1992. He — fought a planned parent-child relationship over the ability to enforce state restrictions on abortion.

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Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas(AP)

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case, Levin said, "If the state decides that there is an abortion on-demand, it is basically allowed ... allow on-demand abortion," while a split decision. The state allowed it to be regulated during the first semester.

After pre-adjustment of Roe's case, Levin fast forwarded to the present, showing that many Democrats are in favor of a last-minute dismissal. 

"This is the party that supports abortion, the most extreme type of abortion: infanticide until the last second," Levin said.

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"And when you have a partial abortion ... they are very, very big Take the syringe. They stab it ... into the top of the baby's head. They drain the brain. They look back at the baby and are now dead and pull out with their feet, "he said. Explained how the platform conflicts with the demands of the Democratic Party. Follow the science of coronaviruses and vaccines.

"If we" follow that science ", it's a baby. I know my baby feels pain, "he said. "If we were'following science', theRoe v. Wade would have died under our own weight."

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