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Abortion Decision: North Carolina Pregnancy Center talks about an attack from violent abortion group Jane's revenge

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The Pregnancy Center in Buncombe County, North Carolina, responded to a Supreme Court ruling in support of Mississippi and reserved abortion control capacity in the state government,a radical group in favor of abortionAfter swearing anxiety, he issued a warning. ..

Christy Brown, executive director of the Mountain Area Pregnancy Center in Asheville, is reportedly a callback to the 1970s Illinois Group Jane Collective, who provided the abortion with the radical group Jane's Revenge. Tells Fox News about her own rush. They were illegal in the United States, but

Brown said on June 7, police told her that the center had been destroyed and scribbled with a threatening slogan.

Jane's Revenge previously gave the pro-life group a 30-day final result, inactive or faced potentially violent consequences. rice field.

Minnesota Pregnancy Center destroyed by JANE's revenge: "I should do more"

Jane's Revenge claimed responsibility for this Minnesota act.

Jane's revenge claimed responsibility for this Minnesota act. (Life-threatening citizens of Minnesota)

"We have provided a fine [as-is] way. You can leave. Well, now the chain is off, and we will make it as difficult as possible to continue the crackdown campaign. "

Brown said it was "crazy" that centers like her trying to provide counseling and other services were threatened and attacked.

"[W] e is just trying to give them unconditional love," she said. "We want [patients] to choose their lives, but our main goal is to educate them. When women call us in need of service, they often Also panic. " 

" They just need help. They are pregnant and often don't want to be. Some of their decisions are theirs. … You need to be educated about the outcome of your choice. ”

CNN Jeffrey Tubin blows up for" Hissy Fit "in Article 2 of the Constitution Amendment

Pro-abortion extremist group Jane's Revenge targeted the wrong address at first when attempting to vandalize Jackson Right to Life's office building. (Photo courtesy of Kathy Potts)

Jane, a radical group in favor of panic Revenge initially targeted the wrong address when trying to destroy Jackson's survival office building. (Photo courtesy of Kathy Potts)

In response to an attack from Jane's revenge, Republicans in Congress called on the Department of Homeland Security to classify the group as a domestic terrorist organization.

Oklahoma Rep. Markwayne Mullin told the DHS and FBI that the action "violates US and state law" and that the group intends to intimidate civilians and government officials. I asked him to admit that he admits.

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"The Biden administration has resigned with complacency and what these members are Accurate investigation is a thing of the past .: Domestic terrorists. "

Jane's revenge reportedly acknowledged the credit of more than 12 recent attacks on churches and pregnancy centers like Brown across the country. A pamphlet calling for the "Night of Anger" following the decision was created in the District of Columbia.

Fox News' Danielle Wallace contributed to this report.

Charles Creitz is a reporter for FoxNews Digital.