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Louisiana can resume abortion for now as state courts have blocked "trigger" bans

The state imposes restrictions and bans on abortion

Washington — On Monday, the Louisiana state court was aborted by the state's"trigger" following the overthrow of the Supreme Court's blockbuster decision. Prohibition ofwas blocked. Roev. Wade, allowing you to resume the procedure in the state for now.

In response to a request from the Abortion Clinic in Louisiana and its managers, an order from Judge Robin Jarussso of the Orleans Parish Civil District Court is a trigger law banning abortion in the state. Claimed to be unconstitutionally ambiguous. 

The court will hold a hearing on the request for a temporary detention order on July 8.

SubmissionRequested to suspend enforcement of the Trigger Act, Hope Medical Group lawyer, administrator Kathleen Pitman, and organization Medical Student Four Choice argued that the three trigger bans enacted by the state legislature should be withdrawn. We guarantee that you will be notified of any prohibited activity at any time.

The abortion provider also stated that the ban under the State Constitution "improperly delegates legislative power to everyone and at the same time to anyone."

Louisiana is one of the 13 statesThe Supreme Court has enacted a law that makes abortion illegal if it dismisses Roe. This is a groundbreaking decision in 1973 that established constitutional rights. abortion. Just that Friday, the High Court triggered an immediate ban on abortion or a ban after certification by designated state officials. Trigger bans are in effect in at least half a dozen states.

In 2006, Louisiana passed the first trigger ban on almost all abortions, except for rape and incest, and two other steps in anticipation of the Supreme Court's opinion. Was enacted. By law, it is illegal for doctors to have an abortion.

Shortly after the High Court ruled on Friday, Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landryannounced on Twitterthat the state ban had come into effect. However, the chairman of the New Orleans City Council told the district attorney that there were "unresolved legal issues" about state law, "considering these legal uncertainties, but primarily dangerous to women's health. Asked not to prosecute patients or doctors "due to the effects."

The Supreme Court's decision to terminate the constitutional right to abortion was made in cases including Mississippi law prohibiting abortion 15 weeks after pregnancy. The High Court ruling sends the matter back to the state and its elected officials, providing a patchwork of law that can be accessed depending on where people live.

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