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Abrams, Kemp exchange petrol tax as governor's rematch heats up

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FIRST ON FOX:Trade between incumbent Republican Governor Brian Kemp and Democratic challenger Stacey Abrams blowsstate petrol tax, Governor of Georgia Election competition is intensifying. Rematch the match.

Abrams has called on Kemp to stop the Georgia petrol tax until the end of the year. The ad, played at gas stations throughout the state, highlights Abrams' pledge not to raise taxes and a call to Kemp. Gasoline tax will be suspended until the end of 2022.

Gasoline prices soar to $ 5 per gallon, reaching record highs: AAA

Democrat gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams is taking on Governor Brian Kemp in the Peach State. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Democratic Governor Stacey Abrams becomes Governor Brian Kemp of Peach. (Photo by Joe Raidle / Getty Images)(Photo by Joe Raidle / Getty Images)

A Democratic Party of Georgia said his "empty rhetoric" on the gas tax. In an exclusive statement to FOX News Digital, which blew up Kemp, the "monthly" extension of tax suspension is called the "political theater."

"The empty rhetoric of Brian Kemp's petrol tax doesn't mean anything unless he promises to do it right for his Georgia family," Abrams said. I am. "The Georgians are stableas prices rise by suspending the petrol tax until the end of the year. That's why we are convinced that it is a thing of the past.

"The short monthly extension of the petrol tax suspension is just a political theater. Georgians are better worth," she continued.

Kemp's camp counterattacks Abrams after the shot, and campaign spokesman Tate Mitchell tries to smoke her tax voting record in a statement to FOX. He accused him of "lying" about the tax. News digital.

"Stacey Abrams tells Georgians to distract from her long record of advocating tax increases, rising government spending, and disastrous inflation caused by the policies of her own party. I'm lying, "Mitchell said.

"Governor Kemp has refunded more than $ 1 billion to Georgia taxpayers, stopped gasoline tax three times this year in consultation with legislative leaders, and signed the largest income tax cut in state history." He continued. "He will continue to fight to bring Georgian financial relief from the Biden Abrams agenda."

Mitchell also told FOX News Digital that Georgia law was enacted by the Governor. He said the suspension of the gas tax requiresto be approved by Congress. The outage is not monthly.

In addition, Mitchell pointed out the2009 opinion pieceby Abrams, which the Democratic Party called for a tax increase during the recession at the time.

In the opinion piece, Abrams said that after "economic prosperity ruined Americans," Georgians needed to "make the tax a reality," and Americans "credit." I have become accustomed to a culture of immediate satisfaction. "

"As the economy declines, services are costly, governments are tools rather than weapons, taxes are current payments, and future investments in healthy and vibrant communities. I must admit that, "Abrams wrote it, calling it" political suicide to admire thanks to taxes. "

Abrams also calls Georgia's taxes "wisely low," but taxes are "not fun" but "necessary" for the government to function, and Peach is "in a pair." It prospered because it was truncated. " Of a conservative principle.

Abrams' campaign returned fire to Kemp's camp, heating up the race around a key issue: gas prices.

Abrams campaign sets fire to Kemp's camp In return, the competition for a hot and important issue: gas prices. (AP)

"We have grown the state carefully, balanced our budgets carefully, and broadened our responsibilities fairly," Abrams said. Is writing. "No one is exempt from sharing public security, education and transportation costs."

Abrams spokesman Alex Floyd tells Fox News Digital in response to a false claim in the Kemp campaign. "We have worked hard to prevent the biggest tax increase in Georgia's history and promised not to pay any new taxes," said a former spokesman for Peach. He will increase if he is elected governor. "

"In the meantime, Brian Kemp spent his time in the office to give tax rations to his wealthy supporters as his personal wealth soared as governor. "Floyd continued. "If Brian Kemp is very worried about the tax increase, he should commit to Georgians today and suspend the petrol tax until the end of 2022, following Stacey Abrams' call."

Floyd calls on Fox News Digital to promise Kemp that the Abrams campaign will extend the suspension of the petrol tax, within the limits of the law, not necessarily a single drastic action with less law.

Abrams spokesperson also said that there is nothing to prevent the governor from pledged to stop the petrol tax in the future, even on a monthly basis. Said. 

In addition, Floyd pointed out intwo articles, including the 2018 TIME magazine article.

This ad highlights Abrams' pledge not to raise taxes and her call to stop the petrol tax until the end of 2022, which will be played on the screens of more than 5,500 petrol station pumps across Georgia {101. }

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"Stacey Abrams understands the struggle faced by families working in Georgia, but Brian Kemp extends the petrol tax suspension until the end of 2022. We refuse to provide them with the stability they need, "Campaign Manager Lauren Glow Wargo said in a press release.

"Our state has the resources to invest in Georgians and reduce costs for everyone," she continued. "That's why Stacy, as governor, not only does not impose a new tax increase, but also supports the suspension of the state's petrol tax for the rest of the year so that families can return more money to their pockets.

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Chaotic Prior to the Independence Anniversary weekend, we saw a large number of flight cancellations and very high gas prices where the advertisement hit the airwaves.

Since President Biden took office, gas prices have been an elephant in the Democratic room, and prices have shown no signs of an immediate decline.

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