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New York's "duck sauce" killer accused of being released on $ 500,000 bail

A crazy customerwas charged with shooting a Chinese beef deliveryman with duck sauce from Queensfor his $ 500,000. I raised the bail.

Glenn Hirsch (51), charged with murder in the shooting of Zhiwen Yan on April 30, remains free while waiting for trial unless he violates strict guidelines.

In court on Monday, Judge Kenneth Holder of the Queens Supreme Court will follow strict guidelines for his release, including ankle bracelet surveillance and restrictions on where the Big Apple can go. I warned Hirsch.

"Wherever you go outside the apartment, you will be limited in terms of the time you leave, the time you stay, and the time you return," Holder told Hirsch.

"If you're going to a place other than Manhattan, another part of Queens, Brooklyn, or a direct route to where you should go, go outside that place. The sheriff's department will pick you up. I'll go and take you back in front of me. I'll send you back, "said the judge.

"And no matter how much money you have, you won't be out of jail until the end of the case," Holder added.

Chinese food delivery man Zhiwen Yan was killed over duck sauce.
Chinese food deliveryman Zhiwen Yan was killed in duck sauce.

The judge must be about a block away from the Great Wall restaurant where Yan also worked and Lulu Laundry, where his wife runs the laundry business. I said it wouldn't be. 1 mile from the Big Apple port of entry.

Holder approved Hirsch's release at an afternoon hearing and will be released later the day after being processed by the sheriff's office.

Great Wall workers were not immediately asked for comment.

Hirsch's brother, Lee Hirsch, declined to comment.

Hirsch had continuous beef at a restaurant derived from his claim last year that he shorted him with duck sauce for his order.

The owner of the restaurant said Hirsch had repeatedly harassed him and his workers, and in January a murderer destroyed his car and brought a gun to the restaurant. Claimed to have appeared.

"Do you remember me?" The restaurant worker remembers what he said.

Earlier this month, a high-ranking police officer told The Post that police officers found a large amount of seasoning in the refrigerator. This is also"filled with duck sauce".

Hours before Yang was shot down, police caught surveillance footage of him circling the Great Wall in a car and driving a deliveryman to the next food drop. Said that.

Yang was shot in his chest, leaving bleeding on the pavement.

Hirsch wawas picked up by a police officer at his Briarwood apartmenton June 1, charged with murder for Yan's death, and ordered to be detained without bail. Was done.

However, at a court hearing on June 8. The holder agreed to set his bail on $ 500,000 in cash or $ 10 million in bonds, despite announcing his reservation.

"I believe there may be a risk of flying with your client," the judge told Horn at a hearing. "Given the circumstances involved in this case, the seriousness of this case, and the strength of the case, I believe it is possible.

" But I am bail in the following way: "Set," added the holder. "Cash bail of $ 500,000. Cash, not bonds. Cash, guaranteed bonds of $ 10 million."

Early in the hearing on June 8, counsel Michael Horn said Hirsch. The judge said he could raise $ 500,000 "if all the assets were scraped together."

Horn admitted that Hirsch was in conflict with the restaurant, but denied that it had nothing to do with Yang's shooting.

"We believe the wrong man was arrested," Horn said outside the court on Monday.

"I'm happy with the way the court did this because it's a compromise between personal rights and public security," he said. "I think the judge admitted that this was a circumstantial case and we still don't really know what happened."

Three married fathers from Forest Hills. Yang was an immigrant who did some work to support his family. He just delivered when he was shot dead.