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The suspect's subway slasher Billy Hernandez allegedly groped for a woman hours after the attack.

Former Conncharged with a brutal slash of a former girlfriendat Lower Manhattan Station is another woman hours after the rush. Time attack grabbed his ass, police and prosecutors said.

Billy Hernandez, 50, was sexually assaulted minutes before noon on Tuesday at the RevCore Recovery Center on Broadway near Walker Street in Tribeca.

The 27-year-old victim took Hernandez to her meeting room for a zoom meeting, police said. He is said to have grabbed her ass with one hand when she troubleshooted some technical issues in the video.

According to the prosecutor, he was charged with compulsory contact and three sexual abuses in connection with the case.

The subway attack occurred on the mezzanine floor of 4/5 station on Fulton Street just before 9:30 am on the same day, police said.

Hernandez appeared at the station to meet a former girlfriend who was returning clothes to him, a prosecutor revealed in his Wednesday night prosecution.

A video reviewed by an investigator shows Hernandez waiting for the victim to arrive.

Willy Hernandez, alledgedly the perp who slashed his girlfriend in the Fulton Street subway station, in custody at 182 South Street in Manhhattan, tuesday afternoon.
William Farrington

"In this video, the victim approaches the defendant and at his feet. Put the bag on, turn around and leave, "said the assistant district attorney. "When the victim leaves, the defendant grabs her shoulder with one hand and with the other hand, the defendant cuts the victim's neck violently."

" When the victim tries to escape, the defendant chases her and makes a more novel move towards her, "continued the prosecutor. "The victim suffered a deep laceration extending from the right side of the neck to the bottom of the right eye. A laceration on her left forehead, a laceration under the left side of her chin, and a laceration on her back."

Prosecutors have requested that Hernandez, accused of a second attempted murder and a first assault, be detained without or with a $ 1 million bailout.

However, litigation aid lawyer Julie Sender argued that "in this case, there is no basis for remand," and that "$ 1 million is completely disproportionate to a crime in court." ..

"A smaller amount is sufficient to keep the client imprisoned while the proceeding is pending," Sender said.

Judge Marisol Martinez Alonso has set bail on $ 500,000 in cash or $ 1 million in bonds in connection with the slash.

Bail was set at $ 1 in connection with the forced contact case.

According to criminal accusations, Hernandez was also charged Wednesday night in connection with a Sunday night robbery on the grounds of Alfred E. Smith House on the Lower East Side.

According to court documents, he hit a man on the right side of his face and dropped the victim's cell phone from his hand.

Then he grabbed his cell phone and ran away, the complaint said.

According to the Manhattan DA office, he was charged with the second and third robbery.

A woman slashed in the lower level of the Fulton Street transit hub, tuesday morning,
William Farrington

Temporary against Hernandez in relation to all three cases Protection order was issued. DA's office said.

Hernandez — Two stints in a state prisonhave been on parole for life and have been released on bail in a pending gun case – will return to court on Monday.