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Adams, Molina shouldn't look happy with the horrors of New York prisons

Eric Adams
New York City Mayor Eric Adams boasted a 63% reduction in puncture wounds and slashes on Rikers Island. Gregory P. Mango

Mayor Eric Adams and Luis Molina Orthodontic Commissioner Last Week Made Progress in Restoring Safety I was proud of. City prison. Interesting timing: Three people died in a few days at about the same time while under the control of Molina's agency. It may not have been such a great idea to brag.

Meanwhile, Post has a very shortage of personnel at Eric M. Taylor Center, one of the corrections bureau's facilities, so most new inpatients' drugs, weapons, and other on arrival. Reported that no body scan of contraband was performed. And the slashes, puncture wounds, and overcrowded pain surged.

Louis Molina
Gregory P. Mango

StillAdams said he was"Satisfied" What I see, claiming to be. " He noted that 2,700 weapons had been confiscated at Rikers since February, reporting that puncture wounds and slashes were actually reduced by 63%.

Probably so. But this year, the death toll of detainees in city prisons is accelerating to more than 16 in 2021. And reporting violence is not yet a nuisance.

Post learned that Molina closed the Otis Bantam Correction Center this month and transferred many top staff to EMTC to curb violence. It's a good start.

Anibal Carrsquillo
Getty Images

Obviously, Adams and Molina are in the spotlight on them. I know that. They barely avoided the federal takeover of Riker when the judges recently approved plans to keep them in control for at least the next few months.

And to be fair, the De Blasio administration left them royal turmoil with staffing and other complex issues that were not easy to fix quickly.

However, trying to look happy in the situation is not the right thing to do, even if three people die in a few days. The orderneeds to be restored quickly.

After all, the endless headline about Rikers' death is to New York's most lousy progressives, and prisons are dangerous to sendto everyone. Just insist that it's too much. Is the correct answer. So what does Adams do to manage crime?