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After a series of Supreme Court setbacks, Democrats wonder if the Biden White House can meet the demands of an urgent moment.

Washington (CNN)Debra Messing was sick of it. Former "Will&Grace" star joined a phone call with the White House aide last Monday, and theSupreme Court overturned the Roe v. Wade case

According to the three people in the call, this mood was deadly and was also co-organized by advocacy group Build BackBetter Together.

Messing said she wanted to know why she was asked to do something because Joe Biden was elected, and she shouted that she didn't even make sense to vote. .. Others wondered why the call was made.

That afternoon, participants received a follow-up email with basic story points to share on TikTok and a list of Biden speech clip suggestions.

Three days after the decision to eliminate the right to abortion, this call encapsulates the overwhelmingfrustration of Democratsagainst Biden. It provides a new window to what many of the presidential parties describe as mismanagement pervading the White House.

Top Democrats complain that the president has not responded to the urgency required at the moment, or perhaps even possible.

"Reckless, purposeless, and hopeless" is the way a lawmaker described the White House.

Twenty major democratic politicians and operatives, and a few in the West Wing, tell CNN that this feels deeper than ideological and attitude issues. Instead, they say it becomes a basic management issue.

Even now, more than a week after the abortion decision, Biden's top aide is stillnew in response to, despite a leaked decision six weeks ago. We are fighting to announce our actions.
White House adviser Dana Remus assured her senior aide that the Supreme Court would not rule an abortion that day. The White House correspondent assigned to this issue was walking to drink coffee when the warning was issued. Some Democratic leaders personally ridiculed the president standing in the lobby of the White House, anddemonstrators poured into the streets, and he and his aides promised to act. Because he didn't, he squinted at the prompter's remarks just by making a vague promise of action. I decided more.

Later, no one attended was invited, as a meeting with Biden's Governor on July 1 was planned to discuss efforts to protect the right to abortion. Some of the people refused to change the schedule to appear in effect.

Democratic politicians who have reached out to work with Biden often do not respond to any particular bill, brainstorming, or outreach. .. Potential appointees have been suffering for months waiting to hear if they get a job or when they will finish the review. There are few invitations to the event, thank you calls rarely happen. Even some of the White House aides wonder why Biden didn't fire anyone from the West Wing or the Food and Drug Administration.

Inside the White House, the aide feels forever in red alert and tired of striking a growing swarm of crises-White House spokesman Karine Jean-Pierre constantly "11 hours." Enough to make off-hand jokes about "Building decisions when ignited in recent daily briefings.

Some officials have said how the situation is being handled. When Byden tends to hit his adviser when he's dissatisfied with the event, or when the event goes wrong, he lowers the rank of the West Wing and says some mid-career aides feel blamed for the failure. Despite the lack of actual ability to influence building decision-making. According to well-known people, it has contributed to some of the recent staff turnover.

The Democrats are worried that the lack of decision-making and authoritydeepens their medium-term problems, and the president cannot really handle the extra complexity of performing the re-election in 2024. Fostering a sense of humor-and on the way reinforces the story that he is an old man who is not suitable for now.

After four years of deep division, America is restored again. Proponents say the president who campaigned for it seems to have stopped trying.

"There is no fight," another Democrat told the CNN. "People understand that much of this is out of his control-but what you want to see is that the president there is shaking."

' Wall Throwing spaghetti to'

In a year and a half, the Biden administration struggled to unravel the supply chain,tackles soaring inflation— This is November The biggest problem facing the Democratic Party above and below the ballot.

"You need to look like you're taking action," said Ro Khanna, a California Democratic Party member. Those who say the president should do nothing to the economy should be dismissed. They can be in think tanks and become professors. But they shouldn't be in the White House.

"There is no front-line office that is not dissatisfied with the lack of action from the White House on inflation," one aide told members. "At least the president should be caught trying to lower prices almost every day."

White House aides say that's exactly what they are doing. In the past few months, the administration has announced a historicoil release from the country's strategic petroleum reserves, andhas a defense production law to address baby prescription shortages. And evencame to the forefront of the federal gas tax suspension

However, none of these moves have solved the problem. Inflation remains high, gas prices have fallen slightly from highs, but are still approaching to $ 5 gallons, as baby formula shortages continue.

Biden's gas tax holiday support was the subject of months of debate among officials-many of whom oppose it and taking the lead in gas prices is purely political. I personally suggested that it was a step, and only recently asked a question directly in front of Biden.

"It looked like throwing spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks together," said one person personally.

Bottlenecks and indecision

Sources encourage veteran advisers to look at Biden in the long run rather than quickly. Therefore, the decision at the White House is the bottleneck. reaction. Few people are trying to oppose Biden's inability to make infamous decisions, such as raising tariffs on imports from China or canceling student loan debt.

Biden has been thinking about what to do with astudent loan for over a yearWhite House staff wrote a note on this topic a few weeks ago. The current suspension of repayments ends on August 31-Biden's indecision has hurt those with debt trying to plan and has lost much of the political benefits he can get from it. It makes the progressives worse.

"We chose that date for a reason: we want to see where the inflation problem is, and we want to see where our legislative agenda is. Uncertain or hesitant about it. There's nothing: it's White House spokesman Chris Maher told CNN about the timeline.

It's not a bad thing to spend time on key decisions, White House's The aide argues and also does not take seriously that independent agencies such as the FDA and the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention are to function. Without the direct intervention of the President-Byden's What the allies say is an important difference from the former president.

"This is what separates him from Donald Trump and is an important separation. He said," I'm not a dictator. I'm not a dictator. " Coordinate the implementation of the $ 1 trillion infrastructure law passed last year.

White House officials also lament that they haven't been able to get any further help from Congressional colleagues in recent attempts to lower gas prices. If a Democrat in Congress thinks Biden will take too long to offer his gas tax holiday proposal, the White House idea goes, they can easily come up with another idea of ​​their own. Would have been, and sooner. The aide also enthusiastically points out how much support multiple polls have shown for Biden's proposal.

Landrew checked many of the White House's lagging initiatives and wanted the Democratic Party's action to stall the bill.

"The President has asked Congress to pass a settlement bill. The President has asked Congress to pass competition law. The President has asked Congress to reduce prescription drugs, reduce medical costs, and be affordable. Bridging the challenge gap with price care law, basically doing everything possible, Congress left. "Oh, well, we can't do anything." So that's the nature of politics, Sometimes you just say, "I hope someone else can help." Throughout the president's

, presidential defenders claim that Biden is taking action, even if many of the actions are invisible. They support thegun law passed by CongressNot always in the limelight, but as a perfect example of how his approach works: Biden We deliberately left negotiations to rank and file members so as not to exacerbate the delicate situation.

The White House aide checked in. Mr. Biden had several talks with Connecticut's Democratic Senator Chris Murphy every day. He led this effort. CNN.

Within the White House, criticisms and suggestions from his fellow Democrats are often regarded as essentially the latest version of presidential fan fiction.This sounds great to the bystanders, but it's like a visceral, political statement that doesn't really make sense.

For example, following the reversal of abortion by the Supreme Court, New York lawmaker Alexandria Ocasiocortes, Massachusetts State Senator Elizabeth Warren, and New York Governor Cathy Hockle call on the White House to open the federal government. I did. Land to abortion clinic. Lawyers inside and outside the government believe that as soon as they leave federal land, they backfire by exposing abortion providers and women to potential prosecution.

Basically, Biden and his aides work from very different presidential sensibilities. He is realistic and they believe and are responsible-not only because his options are really limited, but especially because he is structurally complete of government and democracy four years after Trump. Because they are trying to recover their sexuality. They also see him as having a more integrated view. For example, they believe that canceling student loan debt could jeopardize the rest of the legislative agenda that emerged from Senate negotiations.

Biden has defeated complaints that he is out of sync with the party even before he started the presidential campaign.

"The country didn't elect Joe Biden because Democrat Donald Trump wanted to get out there every day to divide the country more," he said in parliament. Apart from Biden's first year West Wing. Democrats attacking Biden said, "Scapegoating the president or distracting and not focusing on what they should focus on. He once saved democracy by defeating the tyrant. He's doing it again, but he's not doing it by beating his chest. "

The attack Biden is currently facing is "the same stupidity that brought Donald Trump to us-" Hillary wasn't enough "and" she wasn't fighting hard enough. " Said Richmond. "It brought us Donald Trump, and it brought us Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett. The case was closed."