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Americans react after the Supreme Court overturns New York's hidden carry law

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Americans visiting public parks shared their reaction to the Supreme Court, which overturned New York law limiting the ability to carry hidden firearms in public.

"I think today's Supreme Court ruling is dangerous," New Yorker Brian told Fox News. "It will probably put more guns on the street that would already be there."

"I don't want guns and I don't want anyone I know to have one," Brian said. Said at the High Line Park in New York.

However, Lionel from Chicago said:

Supreme Court Gun Decision: NYPD Commissioner warns that "nothing will change today"

Mila, a New Yorker, sounded off on the Supreme Court's recent decisions regarding abortion and guns. (Megan Myers/Fox News Digital)

New Yorker Mira commented on the Supreme Court's recent ruling on abortion and guns. (Megan Myers / Fox News Digital)

Supreme Court demands Thursday to show that anyone who wants to carry a hidden firearm in public has it Overturned New York State Law. "Appropriate cause" indicates that there was a specific need. The judge in the 6-3 judgment stated that the lawviolated Article 2of the Constitutional Amendment. 

"We just need to add more numbers," Brian said. "I don't know who has the gun right now. It's scary." 

New York-born Mira said the Supreme Court's ruling was "shameful."

"We don't want their decision," she told Fox News. "Illegitimacy that you can't have an abortion, but you can be exposed to guns everywhere? It's scary." 

Biden reacts to the Supreme Court's gun decision : "Very disappointed" 

Supreme Courtoverturned Law v. Wadeon Friday, empowering the state to enact its own abortion law. 

"What's happening in our country, we should see stricter laws," a woman told Fox News.

President Biden signed the most important gun control law of the 30 years enacted on Saturday. The bipartisan bill expands background checks and encourages the state to pass a danger signal law that allows the state to steal firearms from people who could threaten themselves or others.

Children run to safety after escaping from a window during a mass shooting at Robb Elementary School where a gunman killed nineteen children and two adults in Uvalde, Texas, U.S. May 24, 2022. 

Children, May 24, 2022, A shooting at Robb Elementary School where a shooter killed 19 children and 2 adults in Uvalde, Texas, USA. }

Kathy, referring to the two recent shootings, said: 

She "listens about mass shootings every other day," said Cathy in New York. 

One man said he had "complex feelings" about the overturning of New York's carry law. 

Senate passes bipartisan gun control bill

Lucien supports gun ownership, when access is regulated. (Megan Myers/Fox News Digital)

Lucien supports gun ownership if access is restricted. (Megan Myers / Fox News Digital)

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"I don't think the gun itself is the problem. It's the people who swing the gun." "I think it's an invitation to more aggressive behavior."

"If you disarm people, the police will also disarm," he added.

New Yorker Glenn said, "I don't think the answer is more guns."