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After Wyoming loss, Cheney prepares for long-term battle with Trump and her own political future

The problem Cheney must face is that of a candidate within the Republican Party who is solely dedicated to being the enemy of the most popular and dominant figure. whether there is a desire for

After losing to pro-Trump Harriet Haigman on Tuesday, Cheney began building structures to support future political moves. This includes a potential presidential run {10 as Trump's foil. Cheney confirmed Wednesday morning that he is considering running for president in 2024.

"That's what I'm thinking and I'll be making a decision in the next few months," Cheney said Wednesday on his NBC's "Today."

Cheney's adviser told CNN that she will no longer be in Congress or serve as vice chairman of the House Select Committee investigating the events of January 6 until next year. He said he would wait to make a decision. , 2021. She recognizes that it appears to politicize the Commission's findings.

But her role on the selection committee brings the kind of spotlight other Republican Trump critics have struggled to find. You'll face the same challenges at times, and becoming a presidential candidate may be the only solution.

The three-term congressman recently admitted to knowing her strategy in her Wyoming primary. In Wyoming, she kept a relentless eye on Trump in interviews and TV ads, even though her former president swept the state with her 43 percent. Point 2020, the primaries were unpopular.

The morning after the loss, Cheney repeated the message she delivered on election night: how she won in Wyoming.A popular figure in her party who chose to reject the knew-but-maximum-familiarity strategy, parroting his lies about fraud in the 2020 election.

"I would have had to accept, accept and perpetuate a big lie to go down that road," she told NBC.

She also acknowledged that keeping the Republican Party away from Trump's influence would be a long-term project. I think there is a huge amount of work to be done, and I think elections can take a few cycles, but the country has to, and it really depends on substance and principle. It's the Republican Party based on it," Cheney said.

Cheney lobbying Lincoln to launch PAC

Already, Cheney has begun building a political machine to help fight Trump.

Just hours after giving her concession speech, Cheney set up a political action committee called "The Great Task." That her PAC, which will initially be funded by leftover funds from her House campaign, will provide Cheney with the means to raise money and fund her political campaigns. .

This is the first of Cheney's next few steps as he begins to realize the ideas expressed in his Election Night speech, opening a new chapter after a landslide defeat. an adviser she told CNN.

PAC's name evokes the words of Abraham Lincoln in her Gettysburg Address about the "great task" facing the nation.

Cheney quoted Lincoln at length in her remarks Tuesday night at the Jackson Hole ranch. The sun sets over the Grand Her Tetons behind her. She even resembles his defeats before he was elected president in 1860.

"Abraham Lincoln was defeated in elections to the Senate and House of Representatives before winning the most important elections." Defeated," she said.

since January. Her six assignments on the committee

Cheney said after her job as deputy chairman of the House Select Committee ended, she left Congress in January 2023. She has to answer questions about how she stays relevant.

James Goldston, a veteran television producer who has been advising House committees in recent months, was in Wyoming for Cheney's speech. He wasn't in Wyoming as part of his job as a special counsel to a House committee, but was assigned to his own production company for future projects that Cheney might be involved in, CNN reported.

Goldston, the former president of ABC News, was investigating the scene of a Cheney campaign event at a ranch outside Jackson. He and a small crew captured a picturesque landscape with mountains in the distance and Wyoming prairies bathed in the evening sun.

Cheney worked closely with the team at Goldstone to present the Commission's findings in television-ready form to audiences across the country. Together they edited hours of recording, bringing the riots to life as they unfolded.

"She invited him as a friend. There is no relationship," Cheney spokesman Jeremy Adler told CNN. Goldston declined to comment.

Democrats reach out to independents

Cheney's House primary loss may offer insight into her long-term thinking there is. Her campaign attracted Democrats and independent voters tochange their registrations tovote in the Republican primary.
In the 2024 presidential election, the Democratic may face a non-competitive nomination battle with President Joe Biden on the ballot for a second term.

In his speech Tuesday night, Cheney said, "Let Republicans, Democrats and independents unite and resolve to stand against those who seek to destroy our republic." Stated.

But presidential elections are very different from House primaries.

In Teton County, the liberal region of northwest Wyoming where Cheney lives, Cheney won her three-quarters of the vote on Tuesday, encouraging him to vote for Cheney in the primary. Democrats who changed party registrations were speculating about her future.

Cheney's gotcha: Tuesday's primary is considered by many to be a one-time event for her, and that she will vote in the Republican presidential primary. said it was inconceivable.

Sandy, a 67-year-old Jackson retiree, her backstaff lined up outside the Teton County Library on election day to switch her registration to vote for Cheney. nuts.

"The Republican Party has left me," said Backstaff, a former Republican and recent Democratic voter. ``Oh my God, to see Liz Cheney doing the right thing.''

He said he was "interested" in Cheney's future, but would vote for her in the Republican presidential primary.

"I don't know where she finds hope," said Backstaff.

Republican John Grant, who voted for Cheney on Tuesday, wants her to run for president, even though her views are a small part of current Republican thinking.

"I think she has a future," said Grant. "But I think it will take a while. There are a lot of Trump supporters out there."