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Aidan Hutchinson's mom Melissa reveals why she 'sobbs' on 'Hard Knock' draft

Aidan Hutchinson's family would be in tears if the Lions hadn't taken Michigan's defensive end in the 2022 NFL Draft.

In her HBO article "Hard Knocks: Detroit Training His Camp with the Lions," on Tuesday, Hutchinson's mother, Melissa, said her Hutchinson,, was 22 years old. We talked about how long we wanted the rookies to stay. In his native state of Michigan, if he had landed elsewhere, cameras would have caught his family 'sobbing' on draft night. clarified.

"Aria said when we went to the draft, if he wasn't drafted by the Lions, I would sob on camera," Melissa said.Hutchinson's younger sister,Miss Michigan, was elected to the USA in May.

During the 2022 NFL Draft in April, Aidan Hutchinson (left) is seen speaking with the Detroit Lions, who selected him second overall, as mom Melissa Hutchinson (right) looks on.
Aidan Hutchinson (left) celebrates with mom Melissa Hutchinson (second from left) and sisters Aria (second from right) and Mia Hutchinson (right) during the 2022 NFL Draft.
Melissa Hutchinson attends the 2022 NFL Draft with son Aidan Hutchinson (center) and husband Chris Hutchinson (right).
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Where is he I'm so glad he went somewhere else," continued Melissa, noting that "he would have been so depressed that he wasn't home." Luckily for his big fan, the Lions soon picked him second overall in April as artistic photographer Melissa reflected on social media "They weren't lying when they said Detroit wasted no time," Melissa posted on Instagram in May. PS "Do you know how hard it was to stay silent?!! I felt like I was in a quiet place!

Hutchinson's family was on the first night of the NFL Draft. Stealing the show,the former Michigan Wolverine is poised to be the breakout star in this season's "Hard Knocks." He performed Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" in front of his teammates during a meeting.

Aidan Hutchinson works out during Lions practice on May 14, 2022.
Aidan Hutchinson with sisters Mia (left) and Aria Hutchinson (right) at Ford Field in August 2022.

"I was so proud of myself this morning and last night. Glad it's over," Hutchinson told his family of the moment. "I'm still elated."

"Hard Knock: Training Camp with the Detroit Lions" airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on HBO.