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Alabama woman was kidnapped and found to be duct taped in a closet: agent

An elderly woman in Alabama was kidnapped by a man who remained tied with duct tape in a closet, officials said Tuesday.

According to the Calhorn County Sheriff's Office, Toni Lamarr White, 47, was searched for in a kidnapping that took him home when 75-year-old Betty Cobb went shopping on Monday. It has been.

"He chose her at random," Sheriff Matthew Wade wrote in an email to the post on Tuesday. "She was buying groceries and he took her to her dwelling."

The agent left Cobb with her key and phone in bed. Said that her glasses and some groceries were found on the driveway of her Aniston's house.

Cobb was found late Monday in the closet of White's house in Aniston, where he was tied up with duct tape, Lieutenant Fallonhurst said.

"I don't know how he chose her, but he chased her home from her grocery store," Hurst told Post.

The motive for the kidnapping remains unknown. Cobb was taken to the hospital for observation after being rescued by her agent. Hurst said she and White didn't know each other.

Tony Lamar White
Calhorn County Sheriff's Office

Asking for comment at the beginning of Tuesday, Cobb I confirmed that White was a stranger, but given the horrific incident on Monday, she had little to say except that she felt "pretty good."

Betty Cobb
Sheriff's Office, Calhorn County

"I can't speak now," Cobb said. Post before hanging up.

White on the run may be walking in the area of ​​Aniston's Force Street. He may also be driving a silver Chrysler 300 on the 11JA702 license plate, the sheriff said.

If you have information about White's whereabouts, please call the authorities at (256) 236-6600. He has multiple arrest warrants and should be considered dangerous,WBRC reported.