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All of Bonnie Chance Roberts' Beanie Feldstein Engagement Rings

Beanie Feldstein ran for money to a flash photographer Thursday night when she first unveiled her dazzling new engagement ring.

Broadway star, 28, is signing outside the August Wilson Theater in New York City, following a "Funny Girl" performance when the paparazzi glimpsed a unique diamond sparkler.Bonnie Chance Roberts just gave her.

Custom-made by a jewelerMichelle Oh, the ring resembles a flower. There is one central stone, surrounded by a small diamond halo. All are set in yellow gold.

"Bonnie said he wanted to make the most special ring possible. Ohiozwrote on Instagramon Thursday with a special personal touch on the design. Added that it is included.

engagement ring
michelleohjewellery / Instagram

"With the back of the ring The inside was just as beautiful on the outside, and it was also possible to incorporate a very sentimental little diamond inside the ring used for Bonnie's mom's ring ♥ ️ This is what makes the ring special It's a fine detail. "

engagement ring
michelleohjewellery / Instagram

A cheap jewel inspired by flowers Is similar in style to an engagement ringKatie MiddletonandRoyals like Princess Eugene, Katie Perryand Tom Hiddleston's fiancéeWorn by starssuch as ZaweAshton.

"Flower rings, called cluster rings, were popular in the 19th century," celebrity jeweler Neil Lanetold PageSixStyleabout the romantic ring style of 2019. .. Giving shine around the central stone will accentuate it and make it very clean.

Close-up photo of Beanie Feldstein's engagement ring
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Early in the day, actor Jonah Hill's sister She has announced that she has been engaged to her girlfriend for three years.

"I do, bon", "Impeachment: American Crime Story" alum is a romantically decorated backyard with flowers and lights, kneeling on her knees Roberts I added a caption to the photo.

"@bonnie_chance makes me happier than I thought I might love you," she added to her Instagram story.

Beanie Feldstein in New York City after a "Funny Girl" performance
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Feldstein is apink checkered dress Mølby The Label($ 178) took this opportunity for Roberts to choose a jacket, black trousers and matching boots.

The couple celebrated their engagement with close family and friends, including the 38-year-old "Super Bad" star.

Producers Feldstein and Roberts are in the movie "How to Build a Girl."

Bonnie Chance Roberts proposing to Beanie Feldstein
Rio Ash Phoenix

"We spent every day together," "Booksmart" stardescribed the unexpected romancein October of the year.

It was like "Let's have breakfast at 9am". Then at 11pm, "I don't think it's breakfast anymore, but we're still staring at each other.'"

Pair premiered in New York two months later. Made his red carpet debut with "Cat" in New York, and the rest — say — history.