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All the ways Americans are trying to avoid pregnancy following the Dobbs v. Jackson decision

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles. The groundbreakingSupreme Courtruling overturns the Roe v. Wade case and takes action to avoid pregnancy, including vasectomy and building a supply of Plan B pills. Caused an influx of Americans to wake up. 

"It's not suitable for everyone," Lyon Lenk told Fox 17, he decided to have a vasectomy after Law capsized. "It's not a sacrifice, it's right, because I risk receiving this or [his fiancé] being denied future proceedings and it's unacceptable to me."

Last Friday, the highest Roe v. Wade case in the United States was overturned, effectively ending the recognition of abortion as a constitutional right. A urologist who spoke to the media reported that vasectomy inquiries increased almost immediately after the decision. 

"Usually there are about three calls on weekends," said Dr. Christian Hettinger of Kansas City Urology Care about a single clinic call for a vasectomy consultation. I told Fox17. "I had 50 phone calls to look for a vasectomy this weekend." 

Prolife Group, Church Post-Abortion Violence in Supreme Court See the increase in

Crowds outside the court reacting to the Dobbs ruling.

Dobbs Out-of-court crowd reacting to the ruling. (Photo by Joshua Comins / Fox News)

Overall, according to Hettinger, about 900% of calls for permanent sterilization within a week It is said that it has increased. .. 

Another Florida urologist, called the "Vasectomy King," reported more of the same. According to the Washington Post, Dr. Dougstein typically received 4-5vasectomy requestsper day, up to 12-18 per day. He said he did. 

'Misunderstood' The Supreme Court created a historic'mistake' with abortion, Politico editors

"It was very, very prominent on Friday, but the number that came over the weekend was huge, and the number still in it is far more than we've experienced in the past," Stein told the Washington Post. rice field. "Many people say they've been thinking about vasectomy for a while, but the Roe v. Wade decision was the last to turn them over. It was a factor. I had them submit an online registration. "

Thomas Figueroa was one of a group of men who said last week's Dobbs v. Jackson decision overturned Roe and forced him to have a vasectomy. It is a person. 

"This is what I had in mind until the Supreme Court's ruling most recently," Figueroa, 27, undergoes a vasectomy. I told the Washington Post about his decision. .. "That was basically the reason for that." Well, I really don't want a child. I'm going to have this vasectomy now. "

But vasectomy The art is not. The only epidemic way to prevent pregnancy after the Supreme Court's ruling: sex strikes have also swept the country. 

"If you can't go out safely and have sex and you know you have options after that, why should you expect to do so?" 22 years old Event coordinator Caroline Healy told the New York Post. 

She did not undergo a vasectomy anda man who did not protest on the street about an easily accessible abortionsaid, "It is not worth having sex with me." Stated. 

CVS, Wal-Mart, and Rite Aid restrict purchase of Plan B pills after Scotas' decision

Refrain from having sex The "abstinence", which was so popular, was also popular on Twitter on Saturday afternoon. 

Women have also stockpiled Plan B and other similar medications, which are pills taken after sexual intercourse since last Friday. Some retail chains have also decided to distribute such tablets as people buy them in a hurry. 

Volunteer clinic escort, Kaleb Masterson, poses for a portrait outside of a Planned Parenthood location in Columbus, Ohio, Nov. 12, 2021. REUTERS/Gaelen Morse

Volunteer Clinic Escort, Caleb Masterson , Pose November 12, 2021, portrait outside the planned parent's location in Columbus, Ohio. REUTERS / Gaelen Morse (REUTERS / Gaelen Morse)

"My first thought was that I needed a morning after-pill, not just myself. He wanted to buy for those who said. York Times. "I always have friends and family who can't afford those things, and I have people who need it. I wanted a little extra to make sure I was there, even if I had to ship it randomly to someone. "

Last week, Roe's overthrow was officially announced. Even before, some women were already in a hurry to get IUD, a small device that can be placed in a woman's womb to prevent pregnancy. 

"Conservatives must also be prepared to be targeted. Arlin Téllez told Bloomberg after scheduling an IUD appointment following the leaked SCOTUS draft opinion. . "

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Conservatives last week at Roe Celebrated the overthrow. Abortion supporters protested as they demanded easy access to the procedure. 

Some pro-choice activists have also targeted the Pro-Life Pregnancy Center, destroying buildings and leaving thousands of dollars in damage. The vandalism has also spread to some Catholic churches, including churches outside Washington, D.C., with messages such as "This does not stop" and "Separation of church and state."