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U.S. President Joe Biden
President Joe Biden will hold a press conference during the NATO Summit at the IFEMA Congress Center in Madrid, Spain, on June 30, 2022. It is being held. Zawrzel

Apologize to Shakespeare,President Biden, but walk Shadow, a poor player who pretends to be his time on stage, rings the frets, and then can no longer hear.

The latest idiot tells us that when Biden attacks the Supreme Court in Madrid on Thursday, the Senate should suspend filibuster and codify the Roe v. Wade case. Said.

Democratic experts blame the typical "norm assault", undermining confidence in those who oppose the judicial and liberal positions.

Biden's whispers are dangerous if there is a real match. As always, he doesn't even convince members of his party. What are the benefits of theFilibuster Threatif Democratic Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema are not present?

This is why Biden's vote on both sides of the aisle is so bad. Republicans are angry with the idea that voters are not a problem and the hypocritical contempt of judges and lawmakers. So is the decision "legal" only when going the way of Biden?

On the other hand, Democrats know that it's all helpless anger. The president comes out, looks like a shocked grandpa, probably hits the podium, and takes a nap.
It's just desperate — try something to save his vote and prevent the November bombardment. Sound and anger, meaning nothing