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All-state, progressive drop insurance company over the sign of "racist" Juneteenth

It certainly wasn't progressive.

Allstate and Progressive broke ties with insurance companies in Maine after posting a "racist" sign on June 16th, causing a backlash on social media.

The vicious story began to move after Harry E. Reed's insurance company posted an aggressive placard. American slavery.

"Juneteenth. Whatever it is ... we are closed," read the stupid sign. "Enjoy fried chicken and collard green."

Needless to say, off-color gag explodes anger on Twitter with a single poster@ C1976George for collaboration with insurance companies. CalledAllstate and Progressive.

"Is it the @Allstate logo in the bottom right?" An incredible user smoked. "They also do @progressive. Is this the type of hatred you want to post right next to your company logo?"

Harry E. Reed insurance company was reportedly displeased about being shuttered on Juneteenth.
Twitter / @ C1976George

Needless to say, it was incompatible with the company. Both agencies reportedly terminated their partnership with Harry E. Reed, according to the Discrimination "Policy", WGME.

"End the contract with this independent agent"Allstate wrote to the official Twitter account. "Our commitment to inclusive diversity and impartiality is indisputable and takes action if an individual violates our Code of Conduct."

Meanwhile,Progressive Spokesperson Jeff Sibel emailed a statement to the NPR: "In Progressive, diversity, equity and inclusiveness (DEI) are the cornerstones of our core values. We are our employees. Feels welcomed, valued and respected, and is committed to creating an environment where everyone on behalf of Progress is expected to participate in this effort. ”

"Sign directly violates that commitment and is inconsistent with our core values ​​and code of conduct," he added.

Harry Reid Insurance in Millinocket, Maine put this sign on the window. And is it the@Allstatelogo in the bottom right? You must also run @progressive. Is this the type of hatred you want to post right next to your company logo?

— Geo1976rge (@ C1976George)June 21, 2022

Suspected According to the WGME, the person who posted the autograph has said since he apologized on Facebook:

In a similar June blunder last year,IKEA was accused of trying to honor African Americans'including fried chicken, watermelon and mac. "Patience" n'cheese, potato salad, collard green, candy yam on the "special" menu.