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"Amazin" But True "Podcast Episode 111: Mad Max is back, feat with DeGrom on the way. Jon Heyman

eduardo escobar and jacob degrom
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Mets is regaining Top Gun. No Tom Cruise or Miles Teller required.

Max Scherzer will be back on Tuesday when the Mets challenge the Reds in Cincinnati. Jacob deGrom is still a few weeks old, but the steps have been taken. He began his first rehab on Sunday night in Port St. Lucie, defeating five of the six batters he faced and exceeding 100 mph to walk in the park.

If Scherzer and DeGrom return to the Queens together, their Mets opponents may lose some sleep.

Introducing a new episode of the "Amazin'But True" podcast to talk about the resurrection of Ace, Eduardo Escobar's July 4th weekend home run party, everything else happening in the Metsland. increase. Nelson Figueroa and me. Post John Heyman will join the program for the first time.

'Amazin' But True'Podcast Opening Segment with Jake & Figgie:

  • ESCOBAR / SERIES WIN:On the weekend when Eduardo Escobar hit a home run 3 games. He is a fun guy and a good guy in a clubhouse. It's good for him who helped Mets win two out of three against the Rangers. Carlos Carrasco needed to go out for the rebound after being shaken twice by the Astros.
  • Mad Max Return:Scherzer will return to the Mets in Cincinnati on Tuesday. After he had his last rehab, welcoming the entire Rumble Pony team to a gorgeous dinner was a great gesture for him.
  • Jacob DeGrom Rehab:DeGrom casually threw 100 to 101 mph in his first rehab in Port St. Lucie on Sunday. He is approaching his return to Mets. He will probably do a few more rehabs before returning to the team after the all-star break.
  • Alvarez Promotions:Francisco Alvarez is one step closer to the Big League. He will make his debut this week with Triple-A Syracuse. It's quite possible to see him as a backup catcher and designated hitter in September. Mets can use the boost of the lineup at once.
  • BP DEBACLE:Summarizes the nightmare batting practice for Figgie on Staten Island before the ferry hawks-duck match on Wednesday. He couldn't hit more than a few slow rollers to the infield. Home-ranked crunch outfits and gold shoes didn't work very well — I was rusty there.

Jon Heyman Interview:
NY Post MLB Insider

  • Mets Season:The Mets are the most terrifying team in the NL with healthy DeGrom and Scherzer. .. They did a great job of staying in the first place without them.
  • DeGrom's future:There is a good chance that DeGrom will opt out. It's quite possible that he will go to the Braves and elsewhere. It depends on the contract.
  • Trading Deadline:Mets will definitely be on the market for relief, especially left-handed pitchers. You will also need to discuss with other batters such as Josh Bell, Trey Mancini and Andrew Benintendi.
  • Alvarez:He definitely has a good chance of getting a promotion in September and strengthening the Mets lineup.


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