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Amber Hard's lawyer asks the court to rule in Johnny Depp's defamation case

(CNN)Amber Heard's lawyer dismisses verdict in defamation trial with ex-husband Johnny Depp I requested the court to do so. She dismisses the case or orders a new trial.

In a court document dated July 1 at the Circuit Court in Fairfax County, Virginia, Heard's lawyer said that Depp's damages were excessive and evidenced in court. Claims to be unsupported. They also accuse Depp of relying on "a time-limited, judicial privileged statement as the basis for defamation by Innuend's allegations."

Heard and Depp were liable for defamation in last month's proceedings, but the jury gave Depp $ 15 million in damages and Heard 2 million. I gave only dollars.

In the filing, Hard's lawyer is inappropriate to mention that Depp lost his highly public defamation proceeding against the publisher of the British Sun newspaper in 2020. Claims to have been eliminated. Confrontation between the former couple. In that case, the judge accepted 12 of the 14 violent cases used to support Sun's article allegations.

Depp denied these cases of abuse.

Hard's lawyer also received actual reputation or financial damages as a result of Hard's Washington Post editorial at the heart of the Virginia proceedings. Claims that it could not be shown. They argue that Depp does not meet the legal requirements to prove actual malicious intent, as evidence supports Hard's belief that Depp is a "victim of Mr. Depp's hand abuse." is doing.

In addition, Heard's attorney appears to be "inconsistent" with the demographics of one of the jury's members in the jury trial list information sent to the parties' attorneys prior to the trial. Claims.

Jury Trial 15 appears to have been born in 1970 instead of 1945, her lawyer said. They question whether the jury has been properly scrutinized or eligible to serve.

The court's petition investigates the discrepancy, claiming that Heard's due process was violated if the individual was not the same individual on the list, or if the clerk did not confirm his identity. Ask the court to do so.

CNN contacted Depp's lawyer for comment on filing