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Andrew Giuliani had a name ID and his famous father. He just didn't have a vote.

"I always told voters to be real," he said in an interview with POLITICO on Wednesday. I did. "At least they can say that I was honest and as genuine as possible, regardless of whether they voted for me."

Young Giuliani was his father in the campaign. Resolutely determined that his large role and support for Trump did not undermine his chances.

"See, I'm not ashamed of the fact that I worked for President Trump for four years, and I'm certainly proud of my father and his many achievements, so that's a positive effect. I will let others break it down, whether or not it has had a negative effect on voters. "

This year's Republican preliminary elections are within the party. When a barometer of the Trump brand's ongoing prominence, the New York race was unique in that it extended to the legacy of his most colorful lawyer, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani. ..

And the first conclusion after Congressman Lee Zeldin'scomfortable victoryis thatGiuliani's name is still, but not as difficult as it used to be. That is.

Andrew Giuliani, 36, came in second with more than 20 percent behind party favorite Zeldin. However, the young Giulianicarries most of his hometown of New York City, demonstrating regional influence, if not the entire state.

This year's Partieshave asked for a distance offrom Trump. Not so with Giuliani. Although never elected in his election, Giuliani campaigned based on his years working as an adviser at the Trump White House and his father's regular presence on the campaign trail. I did it.

When asked what Andrew Giuliani's performance in the race shows for both Trump and Rudolph Giuliani's continued influence among Republicans, State Republican Nick -Chair Langworthy said the family heritage paved the way for candidates. A good race.

"Listen, Mayor Giuliani was our leader during 9/11," said Langworthy. "He is certainly well known and appreciated by many. The name has a lot of power. Andrew has a young and fresh face and thinks he has a bright future in front of him.

Giuliani's campaign worked better than expected, and despite his favoramong Republican voters, there was considerable disagreement in funding and approval, but the entire campaign. Voted near or above Giuliani's.

To the surprise of those preparing for a more combative Trump brand, Giuliani reveals himself as a friendly candidate, regularly visits the media, andI took a friendly forgiveness for new experiences such as getting along with cowsIn the midst of a semen auction of bulls in the north.

During one debate, he begged Zeldin and businessman Harry Wilson in an attempt to dial down more painstaking accusations of the enemy's lies. Let's talk about the problem.

He boldly appealed to the party's right wing, suggesting that he believed in Trump's false claim that he had won the 2020 elections. He promised to mirror both Trump and his father if elected. He didn't get Trump's clear support, but he was blessed by Trump's best friends, such as Steve Bannon. Warriors.

He was not vaccinated with Covid-19 and was only able to attend one of the three debates on television directly.

But until the last few hours of the campaign, it was his father who pushed the more sensational headlines,apparently. Reported an exaggerated assaultFrom an employee at Staten Island ShopRite while confused for his son over the weekend.

Primary also further undermines the legacy of the former president in a new claimthat Trump tried to join the violent rebellion at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021. Matcheddays.

Even the GOP leader states that the presence of Rudolph Giuliani may have opened up both directions for his son. Some Republican voters were pleased to revisit the new generation Giuliani brand, while others were turned down by endless bonds. During his tenure at the White House, which was hurt by Trump and his scandal.

"Some of the problems he has faced over the last five years may have hurt a bit, even at our base. I'm not saying too much, but yes. You can, "said Bernie Iakovangelo, President of the Republican Party of Monroe County.

A more practical factor is that Andrew Giuliani, who Iakovangelo called a "great young man" with a "bright future", compared to Zeldin, now the fourth former state legislator. I had no political experience. Parliamentary term.

When it came to gathering support for the low turnout primary, party officials urged their priority candidate, Zeldin, to vote. Therefore, Republican voters who might have checked Giuliani's checkboxes immediately at the Name Association alone may have been among the people at home, said former Congressman and Republican governor candidate John Faso. ..

"People who vote in the primary know in advance who they will vote for," Faso said. "I'm not the one who undecidedly says that the name I'm aware of is there. It's a different kind of voter than the voters in the general election."

And Andrew Giuliani is a former Westchester County executive, Rob, who ran for the governor for the second time. Finished far ahead of Astorino and Wilson. Those who have spent at least $ 6 million on their own money in the race. Giuliani probably raised and spent less than $ 1 million.

During the concession speech, Giuliani immediately begged his supporters to "lick our wounds tonight," but tomorrow he launched "Republican candidate Lee Zeldin. Support him and make him the 58th governor of the state. "New York. "

He said he plans to join New York politics for some time, and" Rudolph Julianis and Donald Trump have a better city and a better country. " I promised to continue fighting "the way I've fought to hand it over to us."

He said Wednesday that it was always Plan B. He became famous when played by the late Chris Farley at the inauguration of his father in 1994, whenSaturday Night Live,climbed the podium . I'm no longer a violent child.

"When I talked to Lee at the beginning of his campaign, I told him. Wednesday,

" I'm going to have a little brother fight here next year. In the end, whoever leads-and vice versa-I'll definitely help you.'”

Joe Specter contributed to the report.