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Andy Cohen tries to stay calm while the kids scream in the backseat

Andy Cohen is looking for a new summer playlist.

The host of "WatchWhatHappensLive" is a hilarious video of his two kids trying to stay calm while driving in the backseat of a car screaming on the weekend of July 4th. I shared.

Cohen's two-month-old daughter, Lucy, and her three-year-old son, Benjamin, jokingly appeared, grabbed the steering wheel, and heard crying behind his father.

"Summer should be fun," Bravo producer, 54, quotes 21-secondInstagram videoFriday, "Summer House" star Kyle Cook. And added a caption.

Cohen's friends and followers quickly commented on his friendly experience as a parent.

"I'm sorry 😂 It's worth it !!" Padma Lakshmi, the host of "Top Chef", has a 12-year-old daughter.

"Oh, I'm just getting started. Welcome to the club, daddy !!!" Star Sutton Struck, a real housewife in Beverly Hills, has three teenagers.

Andy Cohen driving.
Bravody / Instagram

"Breathe deeply and slowly. After a while, If you know they're safe, learn how to adjust them and don't do it step by step. (It's like a housewife's reunion) 😘 lol! ”Three kids Jacqueline Lorita, a housewife from "Real House Wives of New Jersey", joked.

"Who is the housewife in the back seat?" Equipped with stylist Brad Goreski.

Cohen welcomed both of his children through his surrogate mother —Benjamin in February 2019andLucy in April 2022. He used various agents, but the television personality was Sirius XM's "Jeff Lewis Live" , stating that they were still "biological brothers."

Andy Cohen driving.
bravoandy / Instagram

Cohen says he may have had a child , Not one dayobjected to handing over the remaining three embryosto Benjamin and Lucy.

"Do you know what I'm thinking? This is strange, but if either [my children] can't give birth, it's probably within 20 years. I will thaw and raise my brother, "he told Lewis in June. "Is that a strange idea?"

Andy Cohen's son, Benjamin, kissing his daughter, Lucy.
bravoandy / Instagram

"Superficial" The author wasn't sure ifwas always his own family, but it was possible.

"I always wanted a family" He explained to peoplein2019. ..

"When I came to my parents in 1988, my mother said I needed to mourn a life I couldn't have," he said. "And that life meant getting married and having children ... So after all these years, gay men are raising their families and getting married."