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Anne Heche under investigation for felony DUI

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Anne Heche is under investigation for her DUI of felony resulting from Friday's crash. 

LAPD told Fox News Digital that there were initially no reported injuries to victims related to the incident, and in such circumstances all potential accusations could be made. would have been a misdemeanor. However, the LAPD "later learned that there were injured victims and that injured victims were being treated." A woman named Michelle said she was struck by debris and suffered smoke-related injuries. She was not hospitalized. "She was very traumatized, she was mentally traumatized," she is told. But Office Olin Osborne warns, "We don't want people to be prejudiced based on preliminary reports that haven't been confirmed."

Fire destroyed the house and everything inside. Lynne Mishele's neighbor created her GoFundMe campaign and in one day she raised $45,000.

Heche is still in a coma and she is in "extreme critical condition," her representative told Fox News Digital.

The 53-year-old actress suffered burns and was "conscious and breathing" when she was removed from the vehicle and placed on her stretcher, but authorities rushed her to an ambulance. I woke up suddenly with the video footage on board. from the scene of the incident. 

Ellen DeGeneres congratulates former Anne Heche, who is in a coma after car crash

Anne Heche (pictured in 2021) is under investigation for "felony DUI" stemming from fiery car crash on Friday. 

Anne Heche (photographed in 2021) is Friday's fierce car Under investigation for a "felony DUI" resulting from the accident.  (JOCE-BauerGriffin)

He has serious lung injuries and burns that require surgical intervention," a Heche spokesperson said. She "has not regained consciousness since immediately after the accident."

On Monday, a Los Angeles Police Department spokeswoman confirmed to Fox News Digital that authorities obtained her warrant for Heche's blood sample on Aug. 5.

Anne Heche crashes into her house, causing a fire. Actress transported by ambulance with severe burns

Anne Heche, seen in a previous episode of her "Better Together" podcast, could face a number of legal charges from fiery collision.

Anne Heche, seen in the previous episode of her "Better Together" podcast, could face a lot of legal liability due to a violent clash. (YouTube)

Her blood test results are pending and an investigation is ongoing. Los Angeles Police Department officials have confirmed that Heche will be charged with a DUI hit-and-run if it turns out he was intoxicated during the accident.detailed the crash as "horrific", andsaid he "almost couldn't breathe" when he tried to help Heche. The blue Mini Cooper she was driving.

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"Smoke It got so intense, I could barely breathe," Bernstein said. "The smoke made it hard to see."

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