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Anthony Rizzo shows the Yankees more than Freddie Freeman's Plan B

Currently, gas prices in Los Angeles are about 25% higher than in New York, which is inferior when compared to the coastal differences in production costs at first base. increase.

The 99-day MLB lockout during the off-season provided enough time to speculate on the Yankees' plans for first baseman in 2022. Do you just re-signonto get the deadline for July last year at Anthony Rizzo?

Rizzo has become representative of Plan B in the eyes of many championship-hungry fans. Three months later, that "B" could represent a "blast." Or "big hit". Or "Butler".

"I think there was no doubt that someone else didn't want to play first after playing with him last year," infielder D.J. Remeille told the post. "World Series champions, praise after praise, and what he brings to the clubhouse is special."

With Rhythm's latest power surge, he joined the conversation in the fourth All-Star Selection. Not only that, but a compelling argument was born that it was in line with Freeman's impact on the Dodgers at a fraction of the cost. Freeman's 6-year contract has an average salary of $ 27 million, which is about 69% higher than Rizzo's 2-year contract's $ 16 million salary.

"At the end of the day, I wanted the best for his wife and me," Rizzo told the post. "I felt this was a great group with more to give, with everyone, the staff, and how everything works. I was able to put my little little stamp on the historic franchise. So everyone accepts me and I accept everyone. "

Anthony Rizzo of the New York Yankees
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Freddie Freeman
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Reso played in athletics on Monday in 71 games. He hit 30 extra-base hits in 72 games compared to Freeman's 34 games. A deeper comparison of the two 32-year-old veterans shows that Reso leads in home runs (19-8) and RBI (49-46), while Freeman has a higher batting average (.305). It boasts an on-base percentage (.389) from Reso (.221 and .334, respectively).

The two free agents communicated knowing that Domino was connected during the off-season. When Freeman's huge price tag was revealed, Rizzo first resigned. With a twist, Rizzo actually defeated Freeman in one of his two career pitching appearances.

"Come from one major market in Chicago to another major market, that's where you want to be," Rizzo said. "Once you reach the top of these organizations to increase the adrenaline of the Big League, it's really hard to go to the same national attention organization that doesn't attract [fans] so much."

He and Rizzo were strangled at the Wins Above Replacement until it got hot when Freeman made his first homecoming with the Braves last week. With a pace that surpasses his three-time career record of 32 home runs with the Cubs, Reso has an additional chance of winning.

"He plays the game very well in the game," said manager Aaron Boone. "The bigger the situation, the more he has the ability to slow things down on both sides of the ball. He has a really good watch and a presence about him and he wants to help you win. He doesn't do much of the subtleties all the time. He's a really good player. "

One night in June, Rizzo got off the bench and won the game with two strikes, two outs and two run singles. It was delivered. In another example,he hit a goodbye home run. Most recently, he sent off the starting pitcher last Thursday early from the game with a vibrant 16-pitch turn at bat that was overlooked by the Yankees' comeback victory.

"It feels like my heart rate has dropped as the turn at bat progresses," Rizzo said. "When you hear the fans enter it, you just calm down, and basically all the pitches are displayed, so you'll see all the shapes. Usually you're up for 1 minute and you're at bat for 5 minutes. The moment it looks like, it remains mentally trapped. ”

The invisible importance of Rizzo is the clubhouse by organizing dinners and other bond-building experiences. It is the driving force to tighten. It's hard to believe that the off-season could have taken place in a completely different way, but Reso learned from his time with the Cubs that he wouldn't be insulted by the baseball business.

Anthony Rizzo
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"We are humans," he said. "It was very clear that I wanted to go to Chicago for my career. Basically there is a family there, but things haven't been accomplished and writing is on the wall. This year It was a lot of fun to be here for the full season. Something happened. I was third in the best baseball team. What more can I ask for? "