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Apple TV + "Loot" has a summer soundtrack

Summer has officially arrived. This means that people are trying to crown one special song of the season. From June to September, we all want to live the most enjoyable and perfect life, but this world is a wild place. The situation changes day by day and the mood changes, so it would be nice to have multiple summer songs this year. Instead of playing a single national anthem in a loop this season, try to keep the entire soundtrack handy. If you're looking for a solid combination of genres, emotions, and songs that span decades, AppleTV +'sboots.

The comedy series is the billionaire Molly Wells (Mayaldorf) who captures his 20-year-old husband John (). ). Adam Scott), fooling her. In search of a new single and fresh purpose, Molly finally decides to join her charity and she aims to be a better person. A series of catchy and iconic jams accompany her on her journey as she fights sorrow, makes her new friends and tries to prove herself to her world. Here's everything you need to know about the bootssoundtrack.

 What song is used in the booty? BootyWhere can I find the soundtrack playlist? If you're looking to blow up a truck from

boots, you're in luck. Apple TV + has already curated the"MusicFromLoot" playliston Apple Music. It contains over 50 songs from the first 10 episodes ofLoot. The collection includes iconic classics, throwbacks, new releases and certified hits from artists and bands such as Beyoncé, Mariah Carey, Lauryn Hill, Wu-Tang Clan, Puff Daddy, The Cure, Daft Punk and Latto. I am. Whether you're interested in pop, rap, or French avant-garde music, theLootplaylist has something for everyone.

Bootymusic editor Jennifer Barak and music director Charlie Hagard chose some serious bangers, accompanied by a dramatic entrance, Smoothly synchronized each song to facilitate and emphasize the transition of the scene Special moments throughout the season. Here is the Apple TV + series playlist.

What song is used in the trailer for the booty? Booty What is a theme song? The trailer for

bootysamples two high-energy songs, the first of which is also the show's theme song. Apple TV + will be able to stream theLoot theme song on July 1st, and the track will be automatically added to the playlist above. The second song sampled in the Loottrailer is "Feel So Good" by rapper Mase. This song is from Mase's 1997 debut album "Harlem World".Brett Ratner's 1997 comedyMoney Talksalso appears in the soundtrack, the second ofMs. MarvelWas used for. Episode "Crushed".