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Ari Fleischer about a tweet to Biden's gas company: "Who do you think he is?"

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Former White House spokesman Ari Fleischer tore to President Biden on Tuesday at "Hanity" to lower prices to "gas station operators" I posted a tweet with. 

ARI FLEISCHER:My favorite part of that feat is the end when he said he would do it now. Who do you think he is talking to? And does he think he is? This is a free economy. The economy responds to market impulses.Do not respond to Presidential Tweets. Most of those gas stations, many of them are immigrants. Many of them are first-generation Americans struggling to make a living in the United States. 

They don't have a big rate of return, they are trying to work at the local level. God blesses them,It is part of the American spirit.Liberals and progressives have never understood their individual initiatives, their individual innovators. It gets up early, sleeps late, and works all day, it's often an immigrant who works America.

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