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The Arizona Department of Justice is afflicting the Biden Department of Justice in a proceeding to block the voter law of proof of citizenship: "absurdity"

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Arizona Attorney General Mark Benovich accused the Ministry of Justice on Wednesday in a lawsuit blocking the state's citizenship voter law. Benovich has blown up the "absurdity" of the"Folkner Focus" proceeding.

ARIZONA AG BRNOVICH returns to the DOJ plan and appeals to the state's election law

MARK BRNOVICH: Unfortunately,Biden's lawlessnesshasn't actually been checked, so I and some of my colleagues are always in court. I have to go to court. To curb them, whether it's over or not ... unconstitutional vaccine obligations or COVID bailout bills, or titles currently on the border 42. And now the Biden administration is suing our state just because you have a requirement to voteCitizens in the case of presidential elections or by mail. You must show proof of rights. And it's absurd that the Biden administration has motivated and criminalized those who illegally come to the country, and now they don't want Arizona to check their citizenship ... you rocket. You don't have to be a scientist. An astronaut to understand what is happening here in the Biden administration.

See the interview from "Folkner Focus" below:

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