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Members of the Austin City Council are calling for the non-criminalization of abortion throughout the city in response to the Texas "trigger law."

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Austin City Council members are trying to pass a bill to denounce abortion throughout the city after theSupreme Courtoverturned the Roe v. Wade case.

Council members want a new law specifically targeting state law prohibiting abortion from the moment of fertilization, according toFOX 7.

Austin City Council members Vanessa Fuentes and José "Chito" Vela are both members of the Special Council to pass the GRACE Act, which means "protecting the right to abortion care for all." I am asking you to persuade the meeting. ""

Vera posted on the council's bulletin board on Friday following a Supreme Court ruling, asking for help in passing the bill.

Austin City Council approves a resolution to "consider all options" for raise age to purchase AR-15 style weapons

Cyclists pass beneath the downtown skyline on the hike and bike trail on Lady Bird Lake in Austin, Texas September 18, 2012.

Cyclist September 18, Austin, Texas Pass under the downtown skyline on a hike and bike trail on Lake Ladybird. ,year 2012.(REUTERS / Julia Robinson)

"Today is a tough day for our country and we are saddened by the Texas government's violation of physical autonomy. According to the report, it will soon be imposed on the residents of Austin. " "We welcome colleagues who wish to co-sponsor the GRACE Act. We hope that our city will be a source of grace for those who make private medical decisions."

According to the report, the law places abortion investigations as a top priority of the Austin Police Department and limits the funds normally devoted to illegal abortion investigationsand prosecution investigations.

Vera said that ideally police would not take any further action against the abortion investigation other than reporting.

"We understand that we are bound by state law. We must receive reports. We must accept reports from citizens or anyone. Hmm, but we don't want to do more than take. The report is ideal. " Vera told FOX7.

Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade} Austin City Council members Vanessa Fuentes and José "Chito" Vela.

Vanessa Fuentes and José "Chito" Vela, members of the Austin City Council. (Government of Austin)

Similarly, the Austin City Council approves a "explore all options" resolution that allows the city to raise the minimum age to buy. I resolved to do it. June 16 AR-15 style weapons or other semi-automatic weapons.

District 6 councilor Mackenzie Kelly said on June 16 that trying to limit the sale of firearmswould violate. State law added that people could simply travel elsewhere in the state to buy firearms.

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"Austin's restrictions and regulatory attempts Preventing the sale of all, or firearms, violates the state's preemptive law, and violating the preemptive law risks a proceeding from the Secretary of Justice, which is an unnecessary waste of taxpayer resources. I think, "Kelly said.

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