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Austin jewelry store unable to contact police after series of break-ins

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His four owners of a jewelry store in Texas,, suspect the same thieves are targeting them, but receive no assistance from the Austin Police Department. 

Owners shared their frustrations with theAustin Police Department and Fox 7.

If someone breaks in and makes a bad impression on us, we don't fully cover everything, but customers will see it and say, 'Well, I'm in there with mine. Don't take it with you,' said local watchmaker Aaron Jamison.

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In a surveillance video, the thief is seen at the Austin jewelry store.

Surveillance video witnesses a thief at an Austin jewelry store. (Fox 7)

Another jewelry store owner, Daniel Schwietermann, said he was alerted to a burglary around 7 a.m. on Sunday. said.

"A gentleman pulled up in a BMW parking lot, got out with a tool, walked past the front door, quickly went to a sealed window with a screwdriver, pulled the seal off, and smashed the door.

When the thief was unsuccessful,he went to the dentist's office next door and lucked out. After contacting the Society, Schwieterman learned that his experience was nothing out of the ordinary: Three other Austin jewelry stores were broken into last month. 

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Surveillance footage provided by Regard Jewelry shows a thief attempting to break in.

Surveillance footage provided by Regard Jewelery allows thieves to break in It is shown that(Fox 7 )

He learned that the thief had left similar clues in his three other shopsis the tool he used for one of these break-ins at the store.

``I mean, it's very frustrating. We tried to tell them what the gentleman's name was. I have a video that I didn't put on.I've got it at three other stores with masks on and receipts and now nothing," Sweeterman said.

Schwieterman saidthat he was unable to get in touch with the detective.

"That's rough. When did you turn away?" Jamison said.


CASE NUMBER FOR THEFT has not been assigned, and Schwieterman store owner said he was unable to file an insurance claim for the damage. 

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