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Embarrassed producer Randall Emmett reportedly urged Bruce Willis to continue working despite cognitive decline. "Bruce doesn't remember his lines."

Randall Emmett, B-movie works and Vander Pump RuleStarLala Kenthas been accused of abuse in extensive reports. Published yesterday in theLos Angeles Times,, the story contains allegations of improper behavior against women and abuse of his employees.

 Times Report specifically claims that Emmet knew about the health problems ofBruce Willisand continued to work with the actors. doing. Willis's family publicly revealed hisaphasia diagnosisin March, but his problem is said to have been the public secret of Emmet's movie set .Midnight switchgrass.

While working on the film in September 2020, Emmet was allegedly aware that Willis had difficulty remembering lines and performing stunts, and the actor kicked the door during the scene. I was frustrated when I couldn't. After Emmet left the set in anger, Willis was confused and asked, "Did I do something wrong?" The three crew members of the movie spoke everyTimes,Entertainment Tonight.

Emmet denied the claim, and in a statement shared with the Times , he "did not notice Mr. Willis's health deterioration." However, Midnight in SwitchgrassProperty Master Alicia Havaland said, "You need to be blind to avoid seeing [Willis] struggling. There is. "

Anna Simanska, who worked as Emmet's assistant, told the Times that Willis was "never alone" on the set. "When there is no one on the Bruce team, the crew will say how sad it is to meet him in this situation," Szymanska added.

At the time, despite calling her fiancé Lala Kent and tearfully claiming that she couldn't work with Willis because she "did not remember her lines". , Made 5 more movies with Emmet Action Star. TheTimes reports.

Willis' lawyer, Martin Singer, denied being forced to work on a film with Emmet, telling Times: increase. He was diagnosed with aphasia and was able to work like many others who could continue to work.

He went on to say, "Because Mr. Willis starred in those films, they were able to get the money. As a result, literally thousands of people had jobs, and that Many are in the middle of a COVID-19 pandemic. "