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Beloved subway saxophonist arrested by NYPD: Video

Animatronic cat as Mayor Eric Adams tries to restore order, beloved subway bus car rebuking commuter in a band of saxophone and dance. Was arrested at Midtown Station to transportation 

Jazz Aziro, or a musician known on social media as the "happy to dance" man, took the subway on Thursday night. Arrested at Herald Square Station on 34th Avenue. 10:30 pmBusker YouTube page 

According to police and video in the case, a clip by six NYPD police officers is one of the usual places for musicians. At the station Mezanin, surrounded by his spinning doll, speaker, and spinning donation box, one of the policemen suddenly grabbed him and arrested him. 

"Help. Help." The musician cries when a policeman wrestles with him and tries to handcuff his wrist. 

"Executives Why are you arresting me?" He heard a cry. 

"What did I make a mistake? I'm a musician ... I have four autistic children."

Saxophonist, police officer arrested him While working to do, while wrestling with police officers, shout repeatedly for help.

Subway musician Jazz Ajillo was arrested by six NYPD officers at the 34th Street Herald Square station last Thursday evening.
Jazz Aziro

Police officers tell him to stop resisting But the conversation they were having before the arrest wasn't heard in the clips. 

The street performer then posted a video on his YouTube page, was arrested, and gave him four tickets to "play in the same place" that he had used on and off for the past five years. Said it was handed over. 

"The police always welcome me there and they support me," the musician wrote on the YouTube page. 

"My wrist is injured with tight handcuffs, emotionally depressed, and my body hurts." 

Released and fortune When allowed to be regained, the street performer claimed that the sacks were damaged and the "dancers" (animatronics cats and rabbits) remained broken and "imperfect." YouTube. 

"And for a struggling subway street musician trying to musically care for my family and my four autistic / autistic children and the community. , Four pink tickets to exceed it all in the cell all night, "he wrote. According to the 

MTA rules,playing at subway stations is permitted, but there are some code of conduct rules that street performers must follow. Do not install in decibels near the booth. 

A NYPD spokesman leaves the musician after receiving "multiple complaints from the MTA" that a street performer "blocks the flow of pedestrians and uses audio playback equipment." He said he came to the area to ask. ..

Ajilo pleaded with the officers as they placed him under arrest.
Jazz Ajilo

"Executives ... crate, robot animals, Exhibits of acoustic systems that block the flow of pedestrians through subway facilities. Individuals have been given multiple warnings to leave areas where enforcement measures are not taken, "said Spokesperon.

"After these warnings, the individual continued to refuse to leave the subway station. Next, the police officer asked the individual for identification to issue a subpoena. The individual again refused to direct all officers and did not show identification, "continued the spokesman.

"The NYPD sergeant repeated the same instructions to the individual. After exhausting all options with the individual, he was detained and transferred to a police facility."

Police said the musician ignored MTA rules and regulations and received four subpoenas for pan handling in transit, obstruction of pedestrian flow, and chaotic behavior.

They did not comment on the musician's allegations that he was released "all of his property was returned to him shortly thereafter" and his saxophone and dancing cat were damaged. Stated. The

MTA confirmed that an agent at the station booth had complained to police that a street performer was occupying "excessive space" and obstructing the flow of traffic on foot.

"The MTA has rules of conduct for the safety of all riders and employees and is not an option. By ensuring that these rules are followed throughout the transportation system, New Yorkers. We thank the Mayor and Police Commissioner for their commitment to keep them safe, "MTA Chief Safety and Security Officer Pat Warren told the post in a statement.

Since his inauguration, Adams has vowed to crack down onsubway rule violatorsand quality of life violations, and reducing violence in the transportation system is his administration's top priority. It is a matter.

"Don't smoke anymore. You don't need to take medicine anymore. You don't sleep anymore. You don't have to barbecue on the subway system anymore. Adams has a new subway safety plan forin FebruaryWhen we announced 82}

, he said, "It's not just about doing what you want to do." It was over at that time. Swipe the metro card. Get on the system. Get off at your destination. That's what this administration is saying.

The City Hall was postponed to the New York Police Department when asked if the musician's performance was a kind of crime that Adams tried to reduce. I couldn't ask the street performer for comment.

Musician fans were outraged at the video of his arrest. A YouTube comment states that the NYPD "has been embarrassed to arrest someone who brings happiness, fun and positiveness to the world." 

Others have called takedowns "ill." 

"Jazz Aziro deserves justice," the fans wrote.

"Unconscious violence against passive and civilian musicians an unpleasant and immoral display." 

Another person, the video brought them to tears. I said that. 

"I'm a grown-up man and I rarely cry, but this ... I couldn't help," he commented. 

"I'm sad, I'm angry, and I don't know what to do."

Street performeris on the GoFundMe pageCreated and raised funds for "lawyer fees" and "loss of income" that brought nearly $ 50,000 as of Monday afternoon.