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Best hidden map feature to save on petrol bills

Shot of a young couple using GPS on their mobile phone during a road trip

A shot of a young couple using GPS Mobile phone during road trip(iStock)

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This is the question that keeps coming to my inbox: "How can I save gas?" all right. Recently, I have a pain every time I stop with the pump. 

Sam ’s Club and Costco offer fuel discounts, but keep in mind that you have to pay the annual fee. Tap or click to see if it's worth the savings 

Or find the best petrol price near you You may need a reliable way to do it. It's frustrating to see a dime cheaper for gas a mile away after it's full. Tap or click here to find the best app to scout for the lowest price 

Tank full Once it's done, there's a way to make it last a little longer. Anyone can do this with the help of the GPS app. 

Algorithms are good at predicting 

In most cases, if you drive a car in the same number of places, use mapping An app that will tell you how to get there that you may not. You can use it to find traffic, road closures, and better routes.

Traffic is more than just frustrating. It is also bad for fuel economy. Each time you step on the brakes, you use more power to move the car back. These burn fuel and reduce miles per gallon. High-traffic driving also means increased idle time and increased wear on brakes and engine components. 

It's easy to open the navigation app to see the current traffic conditions, but what if you want to see the expected traffic conditions tomorrow or next week? 

Whether you are using Apple Maps or Google Maps, you can get a fairly accurate traffic forecast for future dates based on the normal circumstances of that date and time. You can then fine-tune your departure time to find the ideal time to get out on the road. 

Rising gas prices have sparked a nationwide sticker reaction. 

Due to soaring gas prices, nationwide Sticker was created Reaction.  (Photo by SAULLOEB / AFP via Getty Images)

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How to plan the most efficient route on Apple Maps 

Apple Maps allows you to set departure and arrival times based on road and traffic conditions. 

Here's how to check traffic conditions based on your departure time. Open the 

  • Maps app and tap theMap Searchfield. Enter the
  • destinationand select from the results. Tap
  • Direction, then tapTap
  • TapStart with,DatesandTap the time, then tap. Done
  • You can check the traffic volume, distance, and travel time. Tap
  • . Go tonext to the desired route.

You can also set the desired arrival time to see the best time to depart. Open the 

  • Maps app and tapSearch Map. Field.
  • Enter your destination and select from the results. Tap
  • direction, then tap
  • to arrive by, datesandSelect the time of} Tap, then tap. Completion
  • Check the traffic conditions, distance and time of your trip and depart hourly. Tap
  • . Go tonext to the desired route.

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Time Save gas with Google Maps 

Google Maps works as well. The app can plan future trips while analyzing predicted traffic, routes and road conditions along the way. 

Here's how to set the scheduled travel date and time. 

  • Open Google Maps,Find hereTap the field.
  • Enter the destinationand select from the results. Tap the
  • direction, then tap the3-dot buttonto the right of the location field. Tap
  • Set the departure or arrival time Select
  • Depart forand dateandon} Enter the timeThen tapDone
  • Various route options and details such as time and distance are displayed. Select the
  • route and tap. Start

I want to know when I need to leave to arrive at a place at a particular time. Method is as follows. 

  • Open Google Maps and tap theSearch herefield.
  • Enter your destination and select from the results. Tap the
  • direction, then tap the3-dot buttonto the right of the location field.
  • TapSet Departure Time or Arrival Time
  • Select Arrival Timeand enterDateandTimeThen tap} Done
  • Details such as various route options, distances, and recommended departure times are displayed. Select the
  • route and tap

Use Google Maps. There are many valuable features, from finding a car in the parking lot to sending the exact location.  

Animation of rising gas prices.

Rising gas prices animation. (istock)

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