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Biden mistakenly says the abortion decision "makes the United States outliers among the developed world"

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President Byden said on Friday that the Supreme Court'sdecision was Roev. By overturning Wade, he said the United States became a western "abnormal".

"By this decision, the conservative majority of the Supreme Court shows how extreme it is and how far it is from the majority of the country," Byden said at the White House. Said in the speech. 

"They are out of the world's developed nations, but this decision should not be the final word."

{16 However, European countrieshave regulatory-like abortion laws supported by many Republican-led state governments. The Supreme Court ruled on Friday as part of a lawsuit on Mississippi law prohibiting miscarriage after 15 weeks of gestation. 

Republicans rejoice and Democrats' anger after the Supreme Court overthrows ROEV. Wade

A ban or abortion cannot make it illegal to travel to another state to abort a pregnancy, Judge Brett Kabanau wrote in his consent on Friday. 

By comparison, the discontinuation ofis only allowed ifrape, incest, or the life of the mother is at stake in Poland. In most cases in Ireland and Germany, abortion procedures are banned after 12 weeks.

Italy does not allow cancellation after 90 days or less than 13 weeks. France, Austria and Spain banned the procedure after 14 weeks.

"Supporting a law restricting on-demand abortion after 20 weeks does not leave the United States as a remote country with a super-tolerant abortion policy, butinternational mainstream { It will be closer to 37}, ”announced in 2014 by the Charlotte Lozier Institute, a professional life group.


The report has been aborted in the last 20 weeks. The list of legal countries states that it includes North Korea, China and Vietnam. Center For Reproductive Rights estimates that 12 countries currently allow miscarriage for up to 20 weeks, the group's legal adviser told Politifact last month. According to the UK National Health Department, up to 24 weeks of miscarriage is allowed in the UK.

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President Biden speaks about COVID-19 vaccines for children in the Roosevelt Room of the White House June 21, 2022.

President Byden talks about the COVID-19 vaccine for children at the Roosevelt Room in the White House on June 21, 2022. I talk.(Drew Angerer / Getty Images)

In addition, Politifact says a "flexible" law that allows suspension procedures after 20 weeks under certain circumstances. There are more than 20 countries that have established. .. For example, the Czech Republic allows 20 weeks of abortion for mental health reasons, and Japan allows 22 weeks of abortion for socioeconomic reasons. 

Friday's Supreme Court ruling effectively returns the authority to regulate abortion to the state. Several Democratic stateshave introduced legislation that removesmost restrictions on abortion.

Thomas Catenacci is a political writer for FoxNews Digital