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When the reporter shouts a question, Biden rushes to the end of the press conference: "I'm out of here."

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President Bidenhurriedly ended the press conferenceon Thursday, and he turned his back as the reporter shouted a question and declared, "I'm out of here."

Biden answered and summarized some questions from a pre-determined press list at a press conference in Madrid, Spain, following the NATO summit and before saying "it's okay". I tried. Several reporters still wanted to ask a question and someone in the crowd promised to be quick, but Biden still shut it down. 

"There is nothing quick. I'm out of here," Biden said when many reporters raised their hands off the podium. 

President Biden speaks during a news conference on the final day of the NATO summit in Madrid, Thursday, June 30, 2022. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

President Biden announced in June 2022. Thursday, 30th, the final day of the NATO Summit in Madrid. (AP Photo / Susan Walsh)(AP Photo / Susan Walsh)

Support End Filibuster to Protect Abortion Access Biden

Biden, with a history ofwho tried to ask questionsaway from the press conference, smiled as follows. He left the stage while hearing multiple shouts of "President."

Early in the press conference, Biden repeatedly referred to the pre-determined list of reporters he was instructed to call. 

"I'm happy to take your question, and the first question is the Associated Press's Darlene Superville," he said, starting the Q & A part. When reading a piece of paper. 

President Biden speaks during a media conference at the end of a NATO summit in Madrid, Spain on Thursday, June 30, 2022. (AP Photo/Bernat Armangue)

President Biden announced June 2022. The end of the NATO Summit held in Madrid, Spain on Thursday 30th. (AP Photo / Bernat Armangue)(AP Photo / Bernat Armangue)

He continued to refer to the paper several times when he called the reporter. .. 

Last week,Biden said during a statement that included detailed instructions such as "Enter the loose belt room and greet participants" and "You will take you". , Raised his notebook card. Sheet. "

Biden repeatedly suggests that he will not be held responsible if the press can ask questions

Last week, President Biden held up a note card during remarks that included detailed directions such as, ""YOU enter the Roosevelt Room and say hello to participants" and "YOU take YOUR seat."

Last week, President Biden said: He raised his notecard during his remarks, including detailed instructions. "You enter the loose belt room and greet the participants." "You sit in your seat."(via Getty Images) Shawn Thew / EPA / Bloomberg)

Before the sudden end of Thursday, Biden supported Congress to end the agenda and the country's pregnancy abortion. He said he supported passing a law that protects his rights. He may have secure abortion access nationwide. Biden, his only solution is Roev in Congress. He answered that it was to codify Wade.

He said, "Clarifying the most important thing we should do h This decision was ridiculous." "We believe that the Roe v. Wade case needs to be codified. The way to do that is to make sure Congress votes to do it."

At some press conferences, BIDEN WHITE HOUSE avoids the presidential office because there is no filibuster: Report

He Continued, "And if filibuster gets in the way, it's like voting rights, we should demand an exception to filibuster for this action."

Byden Earlier, following the ruling of the Supreme Court on Friday, he had asked Congress to codify Roe, but not to end the filibuster. Biden had previously only sought steps to pass a major election law review that his administration could not implement.

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