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Byden's cross-border policy guaranteed tragedy and loss of life

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The news that 53 dead migrants were found on a truck in a refrigerator in San Antonio on Tuesday reminded me of my own experience investigating similar horrors nearly 20 years ago. .. 

Standing behind a tractor trailer, I see 19 dead migrants standing at their feet, including a 5-year-old boy who was suffocated in the heat of 170 degrees Celsius. .. .. In a steel box. In total darkness. 

According to one survivor, the last word of was "Daddy, daddy, I'm dying". 

In 2003, I was sent to the crime scene in Victoria, Texas, and walked it as the first step in investigating the trafficking bust. It changed me forever. 

Multiple immigrants killed in Texas during an attempt to traffick on the southern border, one was captured in a video

Drone footage from Abram-Perezville, Texas on March, 29, 2021.

Drone from Abram Perezville, Texas on March 29, 2021 picture.

We finally arrested more than 12 individuals who caused the tragedy and sent to lifelong prison. 

This tragedy is much more serious. 

The horror found on the roadside of San Antonio is probably the worst tragedy in the country's history. I and others who have been involved in border security and immigration for decades since President Joe Biden took office and revoked President Donald Trump's border security policy warned that such a tragedy would occur. I've done it. 

The increase in truck smuggling over the last few months has been significant. Thanks to the Biden administration's open border policy, especially the resurgence of catch and release, the world's most vulnerable people are in the hands of Biden, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mallorcas, and the criminal cartel to take advantage of it. Is placed. The administration promised. 

And the cartel was willing to take on the obligation and found a creative way to increase profits. 

Illegal intersections continue to surge, with nearly 240,000 monthly arrests last month. Since Biden took office, more than 800,000 individuals have completely avoided border patrols and entered the country. Last year, more than 100,000 Americans died from drug overdose. This is a historic number caused primarily by fentanyl, which flows through the southwestern border. 

And the migrants themselves are suffering and dying in record numbers. The number of immigrants found dead in US soil has reached a new high level of well over 700 under the Biden administration, but we rarely hear about it. 

Most corporate media reported for each of the deaths and negative headlines during the Trump administration. Far-left bombers such as Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D-NY) and Ilhan Omar (D-MN) rush to the border to take pictures and blame the border guard for the crisis posed by the left-wing judge. did. It is almost impossible to enforce the law. 

There are now record deaths, and most media outlets rarely hear about it. In the meantime, immigrants have been surrendering to bloodthirsty animals that run cartels that have made record profits from smuggling humans and drugs since Biden took office. The lives of these immigrants have no meaning after paying smuggling fees. 

For months, the Biden administration lied to Americans about creating a "moral and humane" immigration system. How about this humane thing? How about this morality? 

Biden and Mallorcus' policiesare the cause of this incredible suffering. From day one, they actively colluded to revoke almost all Trump policies . This gives us the safest borders of our lives, and illegal immigrants are at their lowest levels in 40 years. And on Thursday, the Supreme Court announced , approving the end of one of the most effective policies the Trump administration used to secure the border, the "Stay in Mexico" program. 

The Biden administration must be responsible for doing so. Mallorcus should be impeached in the next parliament once seated. Those involved in enforcing these policies on the American people should be forced to testify to Congress why they abandoned their oath and reduced the security of the country. And the president should at least acknowledge the crisis he caused, go to the border and apologize to the border guard agent he threw under the bus. 

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But in the end The most humane thing we can do is secure borders, stop catch and release, and revive policies in the Trump era. It will soon reduce the number of intersections and deaths. It turns off the incentive to make a dangerous journey to the border, and it will rob billions of dollars of cartels with unobtainable profits. 

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This is not the last tragedy We witness. Even with the best and most effective laws on books, evil sometimes finds a way. However, our leaders are obliged to implement policies that give law enforcement agencies the tools to fight and prevent it. To make that an exception, it's not standard. 

Sadly, Biden's open border policy standardizes devastation and death on our southern border.  

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Thomas Homan, former The Director of the Acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement Authority (ICE) joined the Fox News Channel as a contributor in August 2018.