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Byden says he will not ask Saudi leaders to increase oil production and blames "Russia, Russia, Russia" for prices

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Thursday President Joe Byden said he would not demand increased oil production from Saudi leaders during his trip to Saudi Arabia next month, while blaming the sky for "traveling. It's not the purpose. " 8} US gas prices for "Russia, Russia, Russia".

President spoke at a rare press conference on bystanders at theNATO Summiton Thursday, including continued support from US inflation to Ukraine. I received the question. ..

Byden was asked if he would ask the Prince of Saudi Arabia to increase oil production during his trip next month as Americans continue to feel the pain of the pump, and how he did. A kingdom responsible for human rights violations.

Bid to visit Saudi Arabia next month as a $ 5 gas top per gallon: Report

"Well, First of all, it's not the purpose of the trip, "he said, starting in Israel. "The Israelites believe it's really important for me to travel," he continued.

"What we are talking about to deal with that trip before I go is, as I said, to confirm the unbreakable bond that Israel and the United States have. "I'm going to Israel to meet the leaders of Israel," said Byden, adding that part of the "purpose" of the trip to the Middle East "I think for peace and for the security of Israel." To deepen Israel's integration into good regions. "

UKRAINE WAR's fate is determined on the battlefield, not by G7 leaders or false sanctions: LIEBERMAN

"and that Is the reason for the Israelites. The leaders have come out very powerfully against me going to Saudi, "he said," striving to reduce the deaths and wars that are happening in Yemen. " Added "a much wider range than anything else". Especially related to Saudi.

President Joe Biden is slated to make his first trip since taking office to the oil-rich nation of Saudi Arabia in July.

President Joe Byden is his first since his inauguration I am planning a trip to Saudi Arabia's oil-rich country in July.

When asked by Saudi leaders to ask for increased oil production, Byden said "no."

"This is all about the Gulf Countries conference. I have shown them that oil production should generally be increased, not specifically in Saudi Arabia," Byden said. "And I think we're going to do that. We hope to see them and their own interests conclude that it makes sense to do that." 

However, at a press conference, the president once again accused Russia of rising gas prices in the United States.

The President explained his actions taken to deal with the surge. In addition to releasing 1 million barrels of oil per day from US oil reserves, he in addition to his efforts to remove a total of 240 million barrels from strategic oil reserves to other countries, fuel prices.

He added that he had asked Congress to temporarily stop taxing gasoline in pumps and the state to do the same.

"If the Iranian nucleus trades LEDs for weapon capabilities, SAUDIS will develop a bomb: Expert

"If we do these things, tomorrow, if Congress agrees and the state agrees, we can pump down the oil price by $ 1 a gallon. It is presumed, that range, "said Mr. Byden, adding that he could provide" immediate relief. "

He added: The price of the pump is the same.

Gas station prices in New Jersey skyrocketing (Megan Myers/Fox News Digital)

Gas station New Jersey prices skyrocket (Megan Myers) / Fox News Digital)(Fox News )

"Ultimately, gas prices are rising in Russia and Russia. It's Russia's fault, "continued Mr. Byden.

Regarding US support for Ukraine, the President said he and NATO's allies have decided to support Ukraine "as much as necessary." 

In this photo provided by the Ukrainian Presidential Press Office on Saturday, June 18, 2022, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy attends a meeting with military officials as he visits the war-hit Mykolaiv region. (Ukrainian Presidential Press Office via AP)

This photo was provided by the President of Ukraine. At a press conference on Saturday, June 18, 2022, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy will attend a meeting with military personnel during a visit to the war-damaged Mykolaiv region. (Ukrainian Presidential Press via AP)(AP)

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"We stick to Ukraine and all our allies will stick to Ukraine to avoid actually being defeated by Ukraine. Excuse me. "By Russia," said Mr. Byden, saying that Ukraine "has already taken a serious blow to Russia."

He added: "Ukraine has, in fact, shown that it can continue to resist Russia's invasion. Therefore, I don't know how it will end, but it will not end with Russia's defeat. Ukraine's Ukraine.

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