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Biden sought Tesla's help on electric vehicle policy, despite Elon Musk's feud

According to Reuters, the Byden administration has made a fuss with the company's CEO Elon Musk, but Tesla has decided to formulate a policy on electric vehicle reform. Asked for help.

On the same day that President Biden took his oath of office earlier last year, Environmental Protection Agency official Dallas Burkeholder sent an email to Tesla's top lobbyist, Rohan Patel. I did.Reuters reports.

The Biden administration sought Tesla's opinion as it was related to plans to significantly expand the scope of renewable fuel subsidies for electric vehicles.

The US Renewable Fuel Standards (RFS), a federal program run by the EPA, launched in 2005, requires that transport fuels sold in the United States include a minimum amount of renewable fuels. I am.

So far, this has been primarily a subsidy for corn-based ethanol.

Burkeholder emails to Patel are groups representing Biden officials and Tesla representatives, as well as biogas producers and charging station companies such as waste management, republic services and Chargepoint Holdings. Started a series of meetings with.

Musk, the world's richest person, has blasted Biden for his handling of the economy.
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The Biden administration is an electric vehicle. Last year, the president signed a bipartisan infrastructure bill, including $ 7.5 billion for a new charging station.

The President also advocated reinstating expired tax credits to encourage consumers to buy electric vehicles.

The administration's work on Tesla is in stark contrast to the public feud between Biden and Musk.

Earlier this month,Biden swiped the maskand was asked by the president about the tech tycoon's prediction that the US economy would be in recession.

When Musk was told that he had "very bad feelings" about the economy, Biden replied bitterly: "A lot of good luck on his trip to the moon."

Mask is back on Twitter with a link to the 2021 NASA press release on SpaceX 28.9 in preparation for sending the next American astronaut to the Moon. Won a $ 100 million contract For the final trip to Mars, Musk plans to set up a human colony.

The Biden administration has sought to promote the use of electric vehicles as a way of combatting climate change.
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"Thanks to the President!" He Added.

Earlier this year, the White House refused to invite masks to a summit of business leaders, including leaders of Tesla's rivals such as Ford and General Motors.

Muskwas particularly angry with Biden's Twitter account post. This post contains a video of the President standing with GMCEO Mary Barra.  and Ford are making more electric cars at home than ever before.

"Biden treats the American people like fools," Musk saw.

In another tweet, Mask said to that Biden was a "human-shaped moist [sock] doll."

When asked why Tesla wasn't included in the event, White House spokesman Jen Psaki said the three companies in attendance were "the three largest employers of the United Auto Workers." I said there is. Hourly wage employees are not members of the union.

Tesla owns a significant portion of the current US electric vehicle market. The company delivered a record high of 936,172 electric vehicles in fiscal year 2021, an increase of 87% over the previous year.

Musk reveals that he will vote for theRepublican candidatefor the first time. He offended the liberals with plans forto buy Twitterand change its content moderation policy to increase freedom of expression.