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Biden suffers from a coughing attack on the day of his speech after COVID recovery

President Biden had to repeatedly stop speaking on the White House lawn Tuesday due to a lingering hacker cough — COVID- Just days after testing 19 negative after a "rebound" infection.

Biden, 79, said $280 billion dollars computers his chip in his remarks on passing the bill So I paused several times. he drinks water

"Excuse me, excuse me," said the President, adding, "I'll have another glass of water."

The uncomfortably prolonged seizures were significantly more serious than Biden's standard throat-clearing while speaking, and his doctor, Dr. Kevin O'Connor, last year

After completing his speech, Biden blew his nose before members of Congress flocked to see him sign the tech bill. He didn't wash his hands before greeting Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY).

Biden was also spotted coughing Monday during a briefing on storm damage in eastern Kentucky, but Tuesday's hack was more pronounced.

"[Biden] ] has struggled with recurring coughs and sore throats for some time and has had the most difficulty following through on prepared remarks,"tweeted Voice of America journalist Steve Herman. .

The uncomfortable extended fit was notably more severe than Biden's standard throat-clearing during remarks.
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President Biden had to repeatedly halt remarks on the White House lawn due to a persistent hacking cough.
The White House has refused to allow Dr. O'Connor to directly take reporter questions on Biden's recent experience with COVID-19.
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President Joe Biden signs into law H.R. 4346, the CHIPS and Science Act of 2022 on August 9, 2022.
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U.S. President Joe Biden signs bill to subsidize U.S. semiconductor industry and boost efforts to make United States more competitive with China.

Jake Schneider, deputy director for rapid response at the Republican National Committee,tweeted, "How many Donald Trumps have been hacked with COVID? Imagine a scenario where you're giving a speech a day later, you get a bad cough in your hands every 30 seconds, it's a national emergency, and that's exactly what Joe Biden is doing this morning.Predictably, crickets.

The White House refused to allow Dr. O'Connor to directly question reporters about Biden's recent experiences with COVID-19. They said the lack of Q&A was a deviation from historical practice during serious presidential illnesses.