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Biden to sign bipartisan burnpit bill to help veterans

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President Biden will sign a bipartisan bill Wednesday aimed at helping veterans exposed to toxic burns while on the job.

Biden, in his East Room of the White House, made a promise to deal with comprehensive toxics, or his PACT Act of 2022. Honoring Chief Sergeant Heath signs his Robinson. The bill is expected to help his more than five million veterans exposed to toxic burn pits.

He is introduced by Daniel Robinson and Brielle Robinson. Brielle Robinson is the surviving wife and daughter of Sergeant First Class Heath Robinson, for whom the bill is named. Robinson is a decorated medic who died of a rare form of lung cancer.

President Biden will sign the Sergeant First Class Heath Robinson Honoring ouri /iCommit to address Global Toxicity, or PACT, on Wednesday 2022.

President Biden said<i> </i>that we would deal with comprehensive poisons (PACT). I sign Sergeant Heath Robinson in honor of the promise of 2022 act on Wednesday. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

The PACT Act expands VA health care eligibility,veterans Qualify for Veterans Services, strengthen toxic exposure research, and improve care for veterans exposed to poisons. Eligible veterans, their families, caregivers, and survivors can apply for PACT Act benefits.

Senate Passes Burnpit Bill After Partisan Imbroglio

President is US Congressman Legislation in his first State of the Union address earlier this year, which called on the United States to tackle Burnpit.

President Biden had called on Congress to work on burn pits legislation during his first State of the Union address earlier this year.

President Biden urges Congress to address burnpits called for legislation in his first State of the Union address earlier this year. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Centa)

The bill recently passed both houses with bipartisan support. Biden said the burn pit issue was personal to himself and his family and vowed to swiftly sign the law into law. Many of the healthiest and most well-trained warriors ever had headaches, numbness, dizziness, cancer, etc., and their son Bo was one of them."  74} Biden said at a White House event in June.

Biden refuses to sign burnpit bill after Republicans heat up for delay

Burn Pits have been used by the military to remove household trash. So do more toxic substances such as paints, metals, plastics, and human waste. Fires burned toxic chemicals and were often near areas where military personnel lived and worked abroad.

President Biden vowed to swiftly sign the PACT Act into law, saying the burn pits issue is personal for himself and his family.

He has vowed to enact legislation on the issue, stating that the Burnpit issue is personal to himself and his family.(Associated Press)


TO ATTENDEES AT THE BIDEN SIGNATURE includes poison-exposed veterans and their families, advocates, government officials, members of Congress, and VA staff who have been working on the issue.