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Julie Chen Moonbeth, the host of "Big Brother," still supports her husband, Les. "He is a good man"

Leslie Moonves, and Julie Chen attends 2017 CBS Upfront at The Plaza Hotel on May 17, 2017 in New York City.
Julie Chen's decision to use the name she married at "Big Brother" in 2018 was based on her husband's name. He said it happened because he was "dragged in the mud." WireImage

Sign off "Big Brother" and add the name of your embarrassed husband to your host Four years later, Julie Chen Moonbeth finally explained why she chose to refer to her controversial partner.

Chen Moonves' husband, Les Moonves,resigned from CBSin 2018 after allegations of workplace misconduct and sexual harassment. .. Another victim claimed to have tried to silence her by offering her her work on her network. The

couple got married in 2004, but Chen Moonvestold Deadlinethat she chose to keep her maiden name while referring to herself at her show. I did. advantage. It was a powerful and popular name. And I was building my career before I knew him. That's why I wanted to keep it.

However, her "momentary spur" decision to adjust her Monica came from her desire to protect her husband's name.

Leslie Moonves and Julie Chen
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It was the moment I was thinking, "Do you want to do it?" I think she was similar to "what happened" about her husband's reaction to the sudden changes she made in the September 13th episode of that year.

"And when his name was dragged into the mud, I thought it was time to establish my position and let the world know who I am. "She continued. "And that was a sign of support for my husband. I know him. And he's a good guy."

Chen Moonves has been hosting "Big Brother" since 2000. I am. Its 24th season will air on Wednesday at 8pm. CBS ET.

Julie Chen Moonves
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