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Bill de Blasio apologizes for tweeting to a Jewish leader in New York over COVID.

Bill de Blasio is nowWilliams, seeking support from Brooklyn's influential orthodox Jewish leaders for parliamentary seats. I apologize for choosing the sect of Berg {6 in a 2020 tweet to hold a large rally, including a packed funeral, at the peak of the coronavirus pandemic.

"I apologize for the tweet about Williamsburg. I want to apologize again." The former mayortold Homodiaafter meeting with Orthodox Jewish leaders at Bara Park on Sunday.

In April 2020, hundreds of Orthodox Jews gathered in a street near the intersection of Rutledge Street and Bedford Avenue to pay tribute to the funeral of Rabbi Chaimmelz.

The rally took place during the COVID epidemic, death, and hospitalization. De Blasio was furious.

"There was something absolutely unacceptable at Williamsburg's Tonight. A large funeral took place in the midst of this pandemic," De Blasio wrote on Twitter.

De Blasio called the tweet "tough love."
De Blasio called the tweet "tough love."

"When I heard, I went there myself to make sure the crowd was dispersed, and as long as we were fighting the coronavirus, I What he saw is unacceptable, "he said.

De Blasio is trying to win a seat in the 10th Parliamentary District, which occupies the chunks of Bara Park, from Lower Manhattan in Manhattan through most of the Park Slope and other parts of Brooklyn in brownstone.

"It was a moment of passion and pain in what was happening in the city," De Blasio said following a meeting with Jewish leaders on Sunday.

"But that was a mistake. I shouldn't have done it."

The previous two mayors said the COVID-19 pandemic was "very difficult." He emphasized that he had to make "many tough decisions" while thousands of New Yorkers died of killer bugs.

"I'm sure all the decisions weren't right," De Blasio said.

De Blasio's"tough love"at the time was not only part of the Orthodox Jewish community, but also from groups such as the Anti-Defamation League that oversees anti-Semitism. I called a big backlash.

However, De Blasio, who has a two-term term as a councilor, a public advocate, and a mayor and has deep ties to the leaders of the Jewish community in Brooklyn, said in his record, "The whole history. "Remember" urged him to include his actions. I like them.

Hasidic Jews

The former mayor was named to the other 14 candidates in the Democratic primary. You may face it. Open seat. With the exception of De Blasio, the candidates for the Democratic primary for the 10th CD are:Congressman Mondea Jones, currently representing the 17th CD in the northern suburbs of New York City. Brooklyn Parliamentarian Joe Ann Simon, Lower East Side CouncilorCarina Rivera, Lower ManhattanParliamentarian Yu-Rheinniou, Former Senator, Brooklyn District Attorney Elizabeth Holtzman, Former AttorneyDan Goldman, Army veteran and anti-communist activistYang Zion, etc.

The former mayor did not immediately comment on any other regrets or apologies when he abandoned voting, mostly in progressive districts.

A meeting with the religious leaders of Borough Park was requested by Itschok Freisher,, an ally of the Bobov Hasidism movement, according toJewish Week.

Large COVID gathering

Freisher said he and the Bobov Hasidic activists " Probably in favor of him. " Next week.

According to Freisher, De Blasio's record also includes funding a childcare voucher for Yeshiva in 2015, a popular decision for the ultra-Orthodox community.

Freisher also said that De Blasio's left-handed progressive values ​​emerged during the meeting, but he said, "I want to give him a chance."

"We clearly told him that we were not progressive ... Congress is [elected] every two years. If he does anything to the community, I Two years later, people won't vote for him again, "he told Jewish Week.