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Bill de Blasio remains a punching bag in congressional elections he didn't participate in

Everyone still hates Bill. He isn't even running anymore.

During a televised debate Wednesday night ahead of the Democratic primary for the newly elected Congressional 10th District on Aug. 23, which straddles lower Manhattan and Brooklyn in Brownstone, the six former rival shot former mayor Bill de Blasio.

"Have you ever sought or received approval from former Mayor Bill de Blasio?" Gothamist host Brigid Bergin asked Congressman Yuh-Line Niou I asked

"I didn't ask for it," she replied.

Rep. Mondale Jones said simply, "I'm not interested in that."

At a debate hosted by NY1 and WNYC, 80-year-old former congresswoman Liz Holtzman said, "I'm not asking for it either, but I wish him the best of luck.

From left — Niou, Jones, Simon, Rivera, Holtzman, and Goldman participate in the New York's 10th Congressional District primary debate on Aug. 10, 2022.

Rep. Carina Rivera, Rep. Joan Simon, former House Democratic impeachment attorney Dan Goldman All District Park I am not interested in or have agreed not to accept the support of a very unpopular former mayor who lives in the heart of the slopes section. A disastrous poll a few weeks ago threw out bids for seats - was one of many areas of consensus among the six front-runners in the crowded race.

The mostly left-leaning groups echoed each other on such important issues as rush hour pricing, bail reform, BQE modifications and a federal investigation into former President Donald Trump's Florida home.

Councilwoman Carlina Rivera looks on during the New York's 10th Congressional District Democratic primary debate on Aug. 10, 2022.

"I generally advocate congestion pricing." You might support a controversial plan to charge drivers entering Manhattan below 60th Street to raise money for repairs.

"As far as my personal policy preference goes, it's congestion charges," Jones added.

"I've been an advocate for congestion pricing for years, even before Mayor Bloomberg first proposed it," Simon boasted.

All candidates except Niou and Holtzman backed President Biden if he ran for re-election in 2024, suggesting Nancy Pelosi would no longer serve as Speaker of the House for one term. .

Goldman and Holtzman stood out as the only participants open to changes to state bail laws that Republicans and some Democrats accuse of fostering an increase in crime.

Attorney Dan Goldman has reportedly been open to changing state bail laws blamed by Republicans.

"I'm probably the only immigrant on this panel," with Mayor Eric Adams. Trying to stand out among her rival's refugee-friendly stance on the ongoing clashes between Texas Governor Greg Abbott. He claimed that her outspoken support showed how to represent the district and bring something different to Washington.

"These are difficult decisions and need someone who can take a bold stance," she said.

A recent poll suggested that Niu, Rivera and Goldman were the frontrunners in the melee to qualify for the debate.

Opposition toward Bill de Blasio is mutually shared among the six leading candidates in the race.
R Umar Abbasi

Goldman said Wednesday night that criticism from others collected most of the And Simon has bashed Levi Strauss' heiress over his reported investment in Fox News and gun manufacturer Ruger.

"When I was a prosecutor, I put all of my money in blind trust," Goldman claimed, but since leaving his previous House post, he has been criticized for his investments. did not disclose the extent of his personal involvement.

Goldman called Jones a "gentleman from Rockland" who threw him two jabs, alluding to his current suburban neighborhood, and noted that he was running for a seat on the Open City Council. I hinted.

Assemblywoman Yuh-Line Niou has not suggested she would support President Biden if he runs for reelection in 2024.

Goldman blames Donald Trump for our problems "It seems like they are," Jones countered, referring to frequent reminders that the opposition was the House impeachment prosecutor. After just a few weeks in the area, he claimed to have gained insight into how best to overhaul the crumbling BQE along the Brooklyn waterfront.

"There are other communities in Red Hook and Sunset Park that need to correct their environmental justice concerns or be disrespectful, and that requires the input of communities in the area." I say this as a resident of Carroll Gardens," Jones said.

Assemblywoman JoAnn Simon has no interest in accepting the endorsement of former Mayor Bill de Blasio.

The candidate seemed to exaggerate his experience. was not only this much better than its policy stance compared to its opponents.

Her 39-year-old Niou, who grew up in Texas and attended college in Washington State, said, "He worked 22 years at the state level, which gave him a lot of legislative experience." I did," he said.

"I've been a civil servant my whole life," claimed Goldman, the former head of Talking Him on MSNBC.