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Weird gender reveal party boasts stripper poles, dancers: 'Just...why?'

One couple opted for a not-so-traditional approach to hosting a gender-reveal party
A couple chose a less traditional approach to hosting a gender reveal party. @mariap_poledance/TikTok

Some couples are less traditional to hostgender We chose the approach - a public party.

While many go for the standard balloon-popping and cake-cutting spectacle, mom-to-be Maria Popa doesn't want her bash.

Additionally, rather than the pole being there as a prop, she had her dancers perform tricks.

A video of the party shared on her TikTok accountfrequently featured clips of her dancing, but only for three days She has amassed a staggering 6 million views. The

video was shared on Reddit page "TikTok Cringe". This page contains some rare clips that people come across on social media.

Her keen-eyed Reddit user quickly realized that Popa's video didn't really reveal the gender of the baby.

The gender reveal bash featured dancers twirling around on poles.
The video has racked up over 6 million views in just 3 days.

"Gender? Or was it twins, boy/girl? Lots of questions ' wrote one, then another asked, 'So what's your gender?

A bewildered third viewer of her wrote:

"At this point, it's just an excuse to be silly and laugh. I think most of the parents doing these gender reveal things are self-aware." '' added the fourth. This included customary gender reveals.

A follow-up clip revealed the pair are expecting a boy, as one dancer popped a balloon to reveal the news.

The video shows the happy couple I'm expecting a boy because one of my pole dancer girlfriends popped a blue sparkly balloon inside.