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Black bear dies after being trapped in a hot car in Tennessee

A black bear in Seviaville, Tennessee died in a parked car. She said Thursday.

The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency said in a statement posted on Facebook inthat was in Sevierville on Wednesday after the car owner left the cabin at 10 o'clock. He said a bear had entered the car parked in the rental cabin. The owner returned at 6:45 am and found a bear dead in the car, the statement said. 

Wildlife officials believe that bears used their teeth and feet to open unlocked doors, closed behind them, and then were trapped inside. say. Once trapped inside, the bear may have died due to the extreme heat. The temperature on that day exceeded 95 degrees. This meant that the interior of the car "probably reached over 140 degrees", wildlife officials said. 

The bear photo, officials said, died after being trapped in a hot car. Tennessee Wildlife Resources Bureau

The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Bureau said the incident was "a good example of how to kill trash" and bears I wrote that it was the most. You may have misplaced your food and been invited into the car.

The agency shows a series of bears falling on the center console of a vehicle surrounded by garbage, including a can of soda on the floor. The photo has been posted. back seat. 

Wildlife authorities have begged people to do their best not to leave candy wrappers, fast food bags, or empty food containers in the car. 

"Note that there are empty soda cans and food packages on the floorboard," the agency said in a post. "The bear has seven times the nose of Bloodhound and can even smell the faint smell of food in the car."

"Lock the doors, roll the windows, like food or food." Don't leave anything that smells inside! ”The agency added. 

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