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"Blackish" star Marsai Martin spills essentials for summer fun

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Marsai Martin

Marsai Martin is an essential item for the summer in the sun. I shared it. Getty

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I wondered what my favorite celebrity would buy when browsing my favorite boutiques or shopping online late at night. Isn't that the case? Welcome to Six Picks. Here we ask the stars to spill their style and beauty essentials. That way, you too can shop as famous.

Only 17 years old, Marsai Martin is already a Hollywood mogul. Not only did she win several awards for her role as Diane Johnson in "Blackish,"concludes the runfor the eight seasons of April. She is also the youngest person to star in the 2019 "Little" and make a studio movie.

Martin prioritizes her social life when she is not on the set. She recently collaborated with Eventbrite to launch theThe Social Connection Project. This is a multi-year initiative to help Generation Z alleviate the social isolation brought about by the pandemic. This young star curated a series of events to initiate the initiative. This was called theMarsai Martin ’s Picks for a Social Summerand encouraged peers across the country to meet and reunite virtually and in person.

What does she bring to her summer activities? Below, Martin shares the items she swear for a warm day on the go.



Tea spot

"I'm a tea girl. I'm not a coffee girl. This cup is perfect for brewing and fun on the go, so until you're ready for your morning pick-up. You don't have to wait at home. "

$ 35

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Dolls Kill

"I'm crazy about roller skating And evenmade the whole show about it! Skating is a great way to get out and explore, especially during the summer. The skating community is really great and everyone wants to try it out. I think it should, so I've included the'Learn Skating'Workshopin the Eventbrite collection [held in San Francisco on Saturday, July 92]. "

$ 96

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"I want to be hands-free when I go out with my friends, this bag is the key. Music festivals, concerts and even farm market management Also great. "

$ 25

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"The key to summer is a portable speaker. I don't know where the party starts! I'm crazy about creating all the playlists and always want to set the Hangouts tone.

$ 30

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Mali by Marsai

"I applied the press-on nail brand Mali especially quickly. Most of us have no time to waste! Our "Cook Out Invitation" style will bring you all the compliments (and all the invitations!) This summer.

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We are not strangers

"Go games make friends anytime, anywhere Means you can. My family and I love good group games, so why not bring a conversation starter on the go? "

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