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Border guards warn migrants of cross-border deaths

In an already deadly year along the US-Mexico border, border guards do not risk immigrants illegally crossing the US I'm warning you.

In the El Paso region of Texas alone, at least 40 migrants died trying to reach the country this year alone. Most of the dead are related todrowning in Rio Grandeorfall from the border wall.

In collaboration with the Mexican government, the U.S. Border Guard is far more dangerous to cross borders than immigrants think, as smugglers lie to immigrants and downplay danger. We are working to elicit the message that it is.

"Cross-border criminal gangs continue to endanger the lives of immigrants," said Gloria Chavez, US Border Guard Commander in the El Paso sector. "Their main purpose is to make money."

Many immigrants crossing over the US-Mexico border are dying this year due to dehydration, drowning, or falling.

Past Numbers In a week, at least 12 immigrants drowned in the river, which separates the United States from Mexico and encourages calls for public security campaigns. To deliver a message directly to migrants, the Border Guard and the Mexican government have released a video in Spanish, telling them what they are actually against when they cross the border.

"There are many challenges at the border, such as dangerous canals that even the best swimmers can't handle, and hostile desert climates where migrants can become dehydrated and collapse." Mauricio Ibarra Ponce De Leon of the Consul General of Mexico says in the video.

Immigrants underestimate rising desert temperatures, so summer months are traditionally the most deadly along the border. Last year, near Del Rio, Texas,24 migrants were exposed to heat and died, and another 770 had to be rescued or treated.

A new cause of death for illegal border crossers in the border wall, where immigrants can fall off.

A relatively new danger for illegal border crossers has already crossed the border It is a wall that is over. Immigrants fell off the border, killing several people along the border.

"Human smugglers cause migrants to climb border walls and simply throw them up or push them down, causing serious injuries, including death. These smugglers are forgiving. It puts the lives of immigrants at risk, "said Ponce de Leon.

Immigrants are often rescued from the top of the border wall by US authorities or fall about 9 feet to the ground, causing serious back, leg, and spinal injuries. In the El Paso area, 229 people were injured or killed in connection with the fall from the border wall.

"Think of your family and those who depend on you. Don't condemn yourself to an injury that will maim you for life," said Consul General for Mexico, Mauricio Ibarra Ponce De Leon.
Joel Angel Juarez for NY Post

"Children are 3 years old all over the world The child was pushed over the wall and abandoned in the desert. There was a case of a pregnant woman pushed out of the wall, "Chavez said.

With the final plea not to cross the border illegally, Mexican officials claim that serious injuries could invalidate the entire purpose of migrants crossing the border. ..

"Think of your family and the people who depend on you. Don't blame yourself for lifelong injuries," Ponce de Leon said.

Despite their plea, border guards see the highest number ever seen of cross-border migrants. The Del Rio and Rio Grande regions of Texas are the busiest in the country.