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Bouncer fucks naked woman in nightclub and cheers on patrons

A security guard frolicking with naked patrons in a nightclub in Crimea was caught on camera and jailed.

An adult incident occurred in the city of Sevastopol on Monday night — just hours before a series of explosions at nearby Sarky Air Force Base.

Crimea, once part of Ukraine, was annexed by Russia in 2014, but the shameless Shagar appeared indifferent to the ongoing war in the region.

A shocking video captured by another customer shows a bouncer and an impudent beauty standing on a counter having sex in public in full view of the club.

A shirtless security guard can be seen shoving a panting brunette from behind, clinging to a ceiling grate for balance.

A bouncer has been jailed after he was caught on camera romping with a naked patron inside a nightclub in Crimea.
A security guard was jailed after being caught on camera playing with naked patrons in a nightclub in Crimea.
The perverted pair appeared unfazed by fellow drinkers filming the sexy stunt on their cellphones, with one excitable eyewitness even moving in for an extreme close-up just inches away from the action.
The perverted pair appeared unfazed by fellow drinkers filming sexy stunts on their cell phones. rice field. Just inches from the action.

The perverted pair rampage unchecked in the background of the relatively empty facility, with loud music blaring in the background.

The footage then cuts to a woman kneeling in front of a muscular minder and having oral sex with her.

Neither of them seemed perturbed by fellow drinkers filming sexy stunts on their phones.

In Russia,public sex is a crime punishable by a small fine and up to 15 days in prison.

After being posted on social media, the police caught wind of this vulgar film and immediately began hunting for the pervert.

In a statement issued on Wednesday, the Russian Interior Ministry's Directorate General in Sevastopol said it had quickly identified the person. bouncer.

The male participant was identified a 32-year-old who works at the establishment as a bouncer. He has been jailed for 14 days.
Police got wind of the raunchy film after it was posted on social media and immediately started a search for the kinky culprits.
Police After it was posted on social media, I caught wind of the dirty movie and immediately started looking for the culprit of the pervert.

He has been remanded in "administrative detention" for 14 days.

Meanwhile, the female participant is on the run. A spokesperson said:

What looks like summer love in Europe, there are many instances of public sex hitting the news across the continent.

Last week, a pair of HBO lovers with a naughty girlfriend had sex at the Game of Thrones filming location in Dubrovnik, Croatia. was witnessed.

Meanwhile, two brazen Britons were arrested for bonking on the roof of a parking lot. , defying public health mandates to avoid vigorous outdoor activities.