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Bret Michaels hospitalized and cancels poison show in Nashville

Bret Michaels is reportedly admitted to Nashville on Thursday night. He's on stage just before he's co-starring with the band Poison.

Rockstar 59 is currently being treated at a local hospital after showing a clear response to diabetes-induced dosing,TMZ reportsDid. According to the

outlet, Michael's bandmates went on stage before the show to inform concert attendees of the situation and added that they couldn't continue without him. The

fans were clearly blamed, and onelamentedon Twitter. "I've been coming from KC to see the poison. Bret Michaels was admitted to the hospital. Nashville has no poison."

At this time, Michaels or his band is in Florida on Saturday. It's unclear if he will be performing at a concert scheduled for Sunday in Mississippi.

Bret Michaels performing with his band, Poison
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The musician's representative immediately responds to the request on page 6. For comments that did not respond to.

It's unclear what caused his recent incident, but the singer has a history of sacrificing his health for his music.

In 2014, he was hospitalized six times two weeks after kidney surgery.

Bret Michaels singing into a microphone
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His longtime guitarist and friend Pete Evick Evick toldthen fansthat Michaels had inserted two stents into his body and, despite the doctor's instructions, returned to playing almost immediately.

"I can't explain the amount or source of blood, but after the show, I was scared on the bus," Evic explained at the time.

Michaels, also suffering from type 1 diabetes, underwent emergency appendectomy in 2010. Shortly thereafter, he bleeding at the base of his brainstem.